Zoe Terakes's Wikipedia And Biography 

Zoe Terakes is an Australian actress known. She is popularly known for credits in Wentworth.

Zoe did not have a dream of considering a career in acting until she was in grade 11. Terakes's teacher recommended she visit an agent. The agent and Zoe ended up having a good connection. 

At the age of 17, Terakes made her on-screen debut in ABC's Janet King. She played the role of a homeless teenager, Pearl Perati. Zoe started alongside Marta Dusseldorp.

She attended SCEGGS Darlinghurst for High School. She has appeared in 'A View from the Bridge'. It is a theatre production directed by Iain Sinclair. 

Zoe received Sydney Theatre Awards for Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role in an Independent Production due to her theatre act. And also won the Best Newcomer Award.

Is Zoe Terakes A Boy Or Girl? Gender Of The Actress

Zoe Terakes calls herself a non-binary transgender. Biologically, Zoe is a boy. 

In her mind, she was born a female. Since childhood, Zoe felt like she is trapped in a man's body. Later, Terakes underwent several surgeries to completely transform herself into a woman. 

On August 23rd, it was a very sad day for Zoe. She had received thousands of negative comments and messages. People were attacking her because of her gender. 

She said on Instagram, "woke up to a few hundred very angry messages and comments from a few hundred very angry people."

Zoe further added, "I turned on my phone and burst into tears. it’s not even rage, just a deep sadness."

How Old Is Zoe Terakes? Age 

Zoe Terakes is 21 years old. She was born in the year 2001. 

On March 22nd, she celebrates her birthday. 

About Zoe Terakes's Family: Her Parents 

Zoe Terakes has not revealed anything about her family. 

Height Of Zoe Terakes

She stands at 5 feet and 6 inches. 

Zoe Terakes's Instagram And Twitter

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Zoe has got 46.8k followers. 

And on Twitter, Zoe Terakes is @zoeterakes