Zoe Saldana

Extremely talented and gorgeous Dominican-American actress Zoe Saldana born on June 19, 1978 first rose to prominence for her role as Anamaria on 2003 blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the black pearl”. Afterwards, she also garnered international acclaim for her role as Neytiri on “Avatar”. Exceptionally talented Zoe has also bagged numerous prestigious awards to boast about. It makes her truly iconic. First, she started out as a TV actress and steadily transformed as an Illuminati starlet. Today, she has the estimated net worth of $ 8 million which speaks volume about the landmark she has accomplished. But Zoe has no plans to slow down and retire. As a matter of fact, she’s working even harder than before. She’s the native from New Jersey. By the time she reached ten, she and her family moved to Dominican Republic where she first discovered her love for dance. So as to acquire formal trainings, she joined ECOS Espacio de Danza Academy. Post the completion of her high school, her family flew back to United States.

Coming back to her home town, Zoe pretty much had a clear vision of what she wanted to become. Always artistic and someone with profound love for performing, she couldn’t think of becoming anyone else, but an actress. However, she held to her breathe before succumbing to “any” roles. As a matter of fact, she thought of starting as a stage actress. As per her decision, she joined FACES theater group in Brooklyn. Her exposure there gave her amateur acting a bit polish. Steadily, she became a stronger artist. Besides FACES, she also became a part of “New York Youth Theater”. While performing for them, an agent noticed a promise on Zoe and immediately signed her on. Year 1999, she made her television debut with an episode on “Law & Order”. Next year, she made a huge leap on big screen as Eva Rodriguez, a talented and head strong ballet dancer on 2000 release “Center Stage”. Before, she could settle her thoughts she had offers coming from everywhere. Year 2002, she worked alongside Britney Spears on “Crossroads” and that same year, she also got featured on comedy drama “Drumline”. Back then, she appeared on many of such low profiled projects. Her career defining role had yet to come.

2003 turned out to be a magnificent year for Zoe since she landed a life time opportunity to work beside a legend, Johnny Depp on “Pirates of Caribbean”. Movie apparently became a blockbuster but since she only had a supporting role, it couldn’t do much favor to her career. But that role of Anamaria became one of her memorable performances. For next couple of years, she starred on some of the average performing movies. Despite her talent, Zoe couldn’t get hold of any outstanding role. Year 2009 however changed all of that and established her as an International star. She got featured on that year’s two of the high profile projects, “Star Trek” and “Avatar” respectively. Either of the movies performed stupendously at box office and made her an overnight sensation. She bagged some honorable awards for her performance.

Such an incredible artist, Zoe also has the same kind of intriguing personality. She might not have the most conventional ravishing looks, but no one can deny the fact that she’s incredibly hot. At five feet and seven inches with the near perfect body measurement, she holds the enigmatic seductive aura to lure any man. She’s a firecracker so to speak since she has the perfect height and real toned body. No wonder, she looks absolutely unblemished on any outfit she wears. She has tiniest of weight of 110 pounds only. But since, she’s a part of glamour world, she carries the responsibility to maintain and look after herself. Besides, she also knows how to flaunt her devilicious charm. She wears the trendiest hair styles and makeup and makes no mistakes when it comes to fashion. It’s no wonder, she always manages to look sizzling perfect on frame.

Speaking of her personal life biography, she’s married to an Italian artist Marco Perego since June 2013. After dating for couple of months only, she tied knots and made her relationship a forever commitment. Previously, she also had other boyfriends before Marco arrive her life. Somehow, Zoe couldn’t make any of her commitments last forever. By the looks of it, she’s happy with where she currently stands. We wish her the best for her times ahead. Any details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her. Some interesting trivia about Zoe, she belongs to Black ethnicity. Because of her mixed racial background, she has achieved such exotic looks. Her husband Marco has a tattoo of her face on his arms.