Some Facts About Zentreya

  1. The real name of this personality is also said to be Zentreya. However, this rumor about her name is not confirmed by Zentreya herself.
  2. According to her bio, Zentreya started her career on November 26, 2017. Moreover, she was also independently produced for almost three years but now she has joined the Vtuber Idol group VShojo as a member of its First Generation.
  3. We can find Zentreya on Twitter under the username @zentreya. She has shared 18.8 thousand tweets and has a total of 91.5 thousand followers on her Twitter account. Moreover, she joined Twitter in December 2017.
  4. Zentreya's voice was revealed and it was said that Zentreya is a man and the voice which was revealed was of Zentreya's girlfriend. However, this news is not confirmed.
  5. As of March 2021, Zentreya's net worth is said to be only $5000. However, she must have been earning a lot of money from her career as a live streamer and VTuber.
  6.  Zentreya is a twitch streamer who is notably quite sassy with her community and enjoys a consistent back and forth banter with them. Moreover, she has also sported two iconic appearances in the past. 

Zentreya Age: How Old Is The Web Star?

Zentreya age is not available at the moment, just like her face.

She has not even talked about her date of birth with the media.

Name Zentreya
Gender Female
Nationality English
Profession Twitch streamer
Instagram zentreya
Twitter zentreya

Zentreya Face Revealed

Zentreya has not revealed her face as of now and has kept everyone thinking about how does the actual face of Zentreya looks like.

However, she has a beautiful voice and we assume her to be pretty as well.