Zack Bia Height, Net Worth, Job, Wiki, Age (Madison Beer New Boyfriend 2019) Parents

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Zack Bia Height, Net Worth, Job, Wiki, Age (Madison Beer New Boyfriend 2019) Parents

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Let me tell you one thing. Consequently, Movies and TV shows are going to be useless to gain fame. That’s because people are becoming stars through social media. In fact, you can take them as a new breed of stars produced by the technological advancement of modern times.

Anyways, let’s leave all these bullshits and come to the main point of this story.  Now, you might know about the pop singer Madison Beer. She’s not the beer that you drink. But she’s the Beer that sings.

If not, just try to know about her. Who knows the information could be really important in the future.

Well, we will be talking about Zack Bia. He is supposedly the boyfriend to the 20 years old pop sensation.

So’ let’s just start without further ado.


As I had hoped, there is no official Wikipedia on Zack Bia out there. So who is Zack Bia?


To say, he is a popular Instagram celebrity. However, he is more popularly known as the boyfriend of Madison Beer.

Here are some basic facts about him that you might find important to know.

  • Zack in 23 years old.
  • He is a popular Instagram personality.
  • The star is known to be the boyfriend of Madison Beer. She is a pop singer from America.
  • He was born in the United States and that’s where he is enjoying his digital stardom right now.
  • The birth sign of Zack is Gemini. What’s yours?

That’s some basic things on him. The coming sections cover more on Zack. So just keep reading.

What is Zack Bia’s job?

Talking about his job, Zack has a really great one. After all, he is an Instagram star. And you know what that means?

That means he is a model. And he is getting many modeling assignments and such things. That could be the case.

If you think, then that’s an easy job to do. However, that’s not the case. In contrast, I don’t think you could handle the stardom.

Do you know something interesting? Zack has featured a number of celebrities in his Instagram. He has shared pictures with celebrities like Drake, Khalid, Charlotte Lawrence and Khalid. I mean, they’re like real celebrities.

Zack Bia Age: 23

Did we talk about his age already? I think we did. However, we will do it again.

So, Zack was born in the year 1996 in the United States. As a result, he is 23 years of age. Apparently, he celebrated his birthday on the 9th of June every year.

How tall is Zack Bia Height?

Well, Zack is a good looking 13 years old Instagram star from the USA. But that doesn’t make us clear about his height. Does it?

That’s because it doesn’t tell you about his height. And neither can we. Because we have no information on Zack Bia’s height.

And believe me, we searched in every possible corner of the web. It’s not there, like in real.


Immediately, there is no information on them as well.

Madison Beer New Boyfriend 2019

As the news goes, Madison Beer and Zack Bia dated from 2017 to early 2019. However, they split a few months ago.

After all, they are stars and these things are common among stars. But in the light of recent news, the 20 years old pop singer was spotted with someone who could be her new boyfriend.

However, no further information is available on the mysterious boy as of now.

Net Worth

We don’t have it. However, we will update you once we have some information.