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Zac Radford Age, Wiki (Pro Golfer PGA Tour) Height, Net Worth & Married Life
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Zac Radford Age (33 years old):  Born in 1986, Zac Radford is currently 33. However, his exact birth date isn’t available on the internet. Though he is popular as a pro golfer, he hasn’t shared many details. Sorry to say, but we don’t know his zodiac sign too.

Zac Radford Wiki (Pro Golfer PGA Tour)

Zac Radford doesn’t have a wiki profile yet. But, we collected details about him through various media outlets. Born in Brentwood, TN, Zac is famous as a pro golfer. His golfing skills pushed his career to the peak. Recently, his dream to play in the PGA Tour also became a reality.

He wasn’t a golfer from his childhood. The pro golfer was more interested in baseball. He grew up playing baseball. However, his interest in golf grew when he was in high school. Zac’s father and grandfather introduced him to golf.

Furthermore, he shifted from baseball to golf later. He made improvements in his game during his college days. That was the time he realized his love for golf. Since then, he pursued golf as his career.

After completion of his graduation, he took 12 months off. And, he improved his golfing skills within the time. Zac’s dedication to the game led him to the PGA Tour as a pro golfer.

Moreover, Golf is an expensive sport. As per sources, he needs an amount of $65,000 to fund his PGA Tour. Undoubtedly, this increases the financial burden of golf players.

Over the years, the pro golfer improved from a club handicap player to a touring professional golfer. He also played with many golfers which improved his skills.

According to Zac, his parents are his support system. They played an important role in his achievements in golf. He thinks they are the reason for his success to this extent.

Hopefully, the pro golfer will gain more fame and name through his PGA Tour in the coming days. He is also famous on social media platforms. Additionally, he has a YouTube channel.

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Zac Radford Height (6 feet and 3 inches)


Zac Radford stands tall with a height of 6 feet and 3 inches. Additionally, he has a charming appearance and physique. His weight is 175lb.

Zac Radford Net Worth

The pro golfer is an aspiring golfer. He just gained fame because of his PGA Tour. So, still, some details are missing about him.

Zac’s net worth isn’t available on the internet yet. However, he has a long way to go.  Hopefully, his net worth amount will be disclosed soon.

Additionally, he must have a decent net worth. He is a golfer. And, golf is a sport for rich people, isn’t it? Probably, he sums up a good amount of net worth from his golfing career.

Married Life

There aren’t details about Zac’s married life on the internet. We don’t know if he is married or not. He never officially declared about his marriage on the media outlets to date. So, his married life is a mystery for now.

Some Interesting Facts on Golfer Zac Radford

What is Zac Radford Wife name?

Information relating to Radford’s wife name and maritial status is missing to date.

How tall is Zac Radford?

He is 6 ft 3 in tall.

How old is Zac Radford Age?

In 2019, Zac is 33 years old.