Yung Mazi Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, Girlfriend

American rapper Yung Mazi Age – 33 Years Old: It’s quite upsetting to revoke that at the young age of 33, Yung Mazi is no longer in this world being reportedly murdered by his so-called friends.

But despite his shocking demise, fans still remember Mazi for his accomplishment and remarkable contribution in the industry.

Yung Mazi was a distinguished American hip-hop artist and rapper hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.

Signed to Swagg Nation Records LLC, Yung came to public attention recognition right after his album ‘Humbled By The Hustle’ which was quite popular amidst the audience.

Following his terrific songs and contribution in the music industry, fans were devastated when they learned that he was brutally murdered in Atlanta in mid-2017.

Yung Mazi Ex-Girlfriend: Kat Stacks. Does she still remember the rapper?

Unlike any regular rapper, Yung was way beyond talented and a great artist who managed to live his dream and achieve fame before his sudden passing.

It was his contribution in the music and hit albums like ‘Humbled By The Hustle’ that left his fans mourning even after his demise.

Mazi’s alleged ex-girlfriend Kat Stacks also claimed to have been dismayed by the rapper’s death who claimed of having an affair for more than one year.

In fact, it was Kat who informed her followers of Yung’s brutal murder at a gas station in a neighborhood of Atlanta just one hour after his death. She insisted that it was his friends who killed him and then rang her to confess that they had executed the hip-hop artist.

However, with no apt evidence, it’s yet unexplained if Kat was actually telling the truth about Yung’s murder and his friends behind the deadly assault.

Hip-hop artist Yung Mazi Wiki

Inborn Jibril Abdur-Rahman, Yung was born in a Muslim household in Atlanta, Georgia.

He was brought up along with his brother Luqman Abdur-Rahman and sister until she was viciously killed in her teenage.

Even Yung had been shot multiple times before his death in Atlanta’s Kirkwood community. He had earlier taken bullets in various parts of his body including arm, head, and chest but appeared to be fortunate every time.

Though he has no wiki page, it’s reported that Mazi was into drugs growing up and was even handcuffed once by the police before they set him free which he confessed in an interview.

Survived by four kids, he was a doting father who always put his children in the top of the priority list and used to take good care of them. 

Yung Mazi Height – 6 feet 3 inches

Born with an Afro-American lineage, Yung was pretty handsome with a soaring height of 6 feet 3 inches and athletic physique.

Despite his scruffy looks with tanned skin complexion, straggly stylized beard, and signature wavy locks, Mazi looked quite attractive and dapper.

Noticeably stylish, he often dressed sporty outfits including body-fitting T-shirts and pants that had ladies drooling over him.

He had also inked plenty of tattoos in his body including both his hands that Yung used to flaunt in sleeveless fashion wear.

Is Yung Mazi Net Worth above $100 Thousand?

The late distinguished American hip-hop artist and rapper Yung Mazi reportedly had an estimated net worth of $700 Thousand garnered through his burgeoning career in music.

Within no time, he raked a gigantic amount of fortune mostly through album sales that were quite appreciated by the music listeners.