Yovana Mendoza Age, Height, Boyfriend, Birthday, Parents, Net Worth, Wiki

Popular YouTube personality and blogger Yovana currently has more than 2 Million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She mostly shares vlogs of her eating raw foods.

Let’s find out more about Yovana Mendoza’s Age, height and boyfriend.

Yovana Mendoza: Age, Education, and her Birthday

Yovana Mendoza was born in San Diego.

Her date of birth is August 11, 1990. This makes Yovana Mendoza’s age 29 years.

Yovana attended Schiller International University at France.

Yovana Mendoza: Height and Weight

No sites provide proper details about Yovana Mendoza’s height and weight.

She lives a healthy life with and her diet is focused on fresh and healthy vegan dishes.

Yovana Mendoza Boyfriend

Yovana Mendoza previously had a boyfriend who was Cali-Colombia. Details about him are not made available at present.

Recently, however, Yovana has kept her personal life away from the media. She does not share information regarding her relationships in her videos.

Longtime fans of the Latin YouTuber have speculated her to be single at present.  

Yovana Mendoza Parents

Yovana Mendoza was born to Mexican parents.

Yovana, however, was born in San Diego.

Yovana Mendoza Net Worth and Earning through YouTube

Like all the YouTubers nowadays, there is no doubt that she makes an adequate sum of money from the monetization on the video sharing site. 

The exact figure of Yovana Mendoza’s Net Worth is not available.

Serval sites have kept the information about her earning as under review.

Yovana Mendoza Wiki and Bio

Yovana’s career as a YouTube starts with a bizarre story. She stopped drinking and smoking because she had to undergo surgery in 2012.

After the completion of the surgery, Yovana fell terribly sick and depressed. After researching for some time, she found out about the raw vegan lifestyle.

After beginning to live the raw vegan lifestyle, she noticed a gradual improvement on her body physically and mentally on a daily basis.

After that, she completely stopped smoking and drinking. To share her development and improvement due to the diet to the rest of the world, she began making YouTube videos.

Yovana is a proud Latina. Most people associate her name with the Rawvana brand.

In her YouTube channel, she posts vlogs of her daily life and her raw vegan lifestyle in both Spanish and English languages.

Her English YouTube channel currently has over 450k subscribers. Furthermore, her main channel has accumulated more than 1.9 Million subscribers.

Additionally, Yovana is also a popular personality on the social media site Instagram. There, she is followed by over 1 Million followers.

Over the years, she has also provided recipes for several dishes through her channel. Some of her recipes include ‘Jugo de Nopal’ and ‘Rainbow Summer Watermelon Salsa.’

In one of Yovana’s most popular videos, she has talked about the benefits of juices over smoothies. What people mostly enjoy about her content is the fact that she reflects her heritage as a Latina through the foods that she prepares on the videos.

Her channel’s subscriber count is increasing on a daily basis. People get information about various diets that they can implement in their lifestyle through her video. In addition, she also provides information regarding recipes of several food items.