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Yoselin Rincon Castillo, Julio Teheran Wife :: Julio's 5 Facts Including Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height Family
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Julio Alberto Teheran Pinto a.k.a. Julio Teheran is a professional baseball player who plays in the Major League Baseball (MLB). The Columbian national plays for the Atlanta Braves of MLB. The 28-year old MLB star joined the Atlanta Braves at the age of 16 and is still playing for the side.

The guy appears to be quite loyal to his team. But, he isn’t only a loyal guy on-filed. In fact, he is local to someone else as well, off-the-filed. Well, the someone else is none other than his girlfriend-turned-wife Yoselin Rincon Castillo.

Yoselin and her husband, Julio Teheran are now together for nearly five years. The couple began dating in 2014 and within less than a year, they moved in together.

Though it might have been hard for the couple to manage time following Julio’s MLB inclusion, they are doing great together.

Dating someone like Julio, Yoselin must be having a hard time keeping her secrets from the media. Is it?

Who is Yoselin Rincon Castillo?

Yoselin Rincon Castillo is a celebrity spouse and social media personality. The gorgeous lady rose to fame through her marriage with the MLB star, Julio Teheran.

However, Yoselin is also a celeb on her own rights. In fact, the lady had enjoyed a career as a successful model in the mid-10s.

In August 2015, Yoselin won the Miss Swimsuit USA. The lady had what it took to overcome 36 tough contestants in the Swimsuit USA contestant. The event was held for hour days in Las Vegas.

Well, looks like, Julio isn’t the only one in the room who can lure others with charisma and style. No doubt that the Swimsuit USA winner has got the elegance and boldness to entice her man.

Though Yoselin won the beauty pageant and was enjoying the time of her life, Yoselin Rincon Castillo chose to live with her boyfriend Julio Teheran. Upon doing so, she gradually faded away from the modeling industry.

Julio Teheran Wife’s Yoselin Rincon Castillo: Marriage Details


Julio Teheran and his wife Yoselin Rincon Castillo started dating in early 2014. In early 2015, they moved in together. Tough they seemed to be in a rush with their relationship, none did waver a bit.

In fact, the Atlanta Braves star asked his lady to marry him on October 17, 2015. Well, she gave up on her modeling career to be with him. The only was way obvious.

As they say, the rest is history. The couple is doing great together and we might be up for some good news in the coming days as well.

Yoselin Rincon Castillo Net Worth and Salary

Yoselin Rincon Castillo husband Julio Teheran’s net worth is estimated above $20 million, as of 2019. Though the exact figure of his net worth isn’t public, no doubt the MLB player is worth in millions. Let’s find out how.

In 2014, Julio signed a 6 six-year contract with the Braves worth $32.4 million, including a signing bonus of $1 million. His contracts bring him an annual income of $5.4 million.

According to the contract, Julio Teheran will make a whopping $11 million in base salary and an extra of $66,668.

Moreover, with such a colossal income, Julio can have all the luxury he desires of.