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Yoram Sheftel Age, Wiki, Net Worth: Is John Demjanjuk Ivan The Terrible?
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Yoram Sheftel Age, Wiki, Net Worth: Is John Demjanjuk Ivan The Terrible? Yoram Sheftel Wikipedia, Birthday, Nationality, Ethnicity, Wife, Read Also:-

Following the famous case of ‘Ivan The Terrible’ in 1987, Yoram Sheftel has made into the spotlight.

Yoram Sheftel is an Israeli radio lawyer and a broadcaster. He became famous for representing John Demjanjuk during the trial of ‘Ivan The Terrible’.

The historical event came into the headlines after a Netflix documentary series ‘The Devil Next Door‘ came into the light in November 2019.

Moreover, he has represented multiple important and popular cases over the years. As one of the renowned attornies of Isreal, he has made a name for himself.

So, let’s dig deeper into the experienced lawyer John Demjanjuk. Here, you will know everything regarding his personal and professional life.

70-year-old Yoram Sheftel is a radio lawyer- his age and wiki

Yoram Sheftel has made into the spotlight back in the 80s. However, it’s not the only time he has shaken up the Supreme court of Israel.

Born on January 15, 1949, he is a native of Tel Aviv, Israel. Growing in a Jewish tradition, he feels proud of his beliefs.

Yoram is a son of Shlomo Sheftel, a wealthy industrialist and Brindle. Shlomo owned a famous lipstick factory during those days.

As a matter of fact, his product was exported across Asia and Europe. His father was Russian and mother was Polish by birth.

He had a decent childhood considering his parent’s image and wealth. Sheftel attended Tel Nordoy School until the fifth grade.

later, he completed his high school through social worker education. He volunteered in defense programs in the Israel-Lebanon border.

In fact, he even spent some time in Manchester, England working in a Jewish trading house. In 1971, he joined the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After his graduation in 1974, he gathered his law license in 1976.

Afterward, he started working as a defendant. Yoram Sheftel has worked through the important cases in his career.

His most notable work includes the defense attorney for John Demjanjuk. In 1987, John Demjanjuk was accused of being ‘Ivan The terrible’.

Apparently, Ivan was a prison guard during the second world war. The case was filled in the Supreme Court of Israel due to the charges of murdering tons of jews.

Yoram Sheftel defended John during the time. Moreover, he has also worked on cases for Hagai Amar, Eli Cohen, and more.

Yoram Sheftel net worth as of 2019


As of 2019, his net worth is under review. However, there is no surprise if the amount counts up in millions.

In fact, he has been a reputed lawyer for almost 4 decades now. Moreover, he has always represented high-profile cases and wealthy clients.

Therefore, the amount must not be shy of $3 million.

John Demjanjuk and accusations of ‘Ivan The Terrible’

The hot case in the 1980s, who is ‘Ivan The Terrible’? A court in Germany accumulated some proof pointing the ‘Ivan The Terrible’ to be John Demjanjuk.

Therefore, the case went through the Supreme court of Israel. The evidence didn’t become enough to accuse him. So, the case remained unsolved.

Actually, the case was about the notorious killer and a prison guard Ivan Demjanjuk who killed hundreds of Jews during the second world war.

Yoram Sheftel represented John Demjanjuk during the case. back in 2012, John Demjanjuk passed away and the case was buried.