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Yardley Evans Brunt Age, Birthday, School (Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt Daughter) Height
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Yardley Evans Brunt is the adorable daughter of celebrity parents Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt. Daughter of novelist father and journalist mother, Yardley is the 2nd child in the family. Although her mother and father are constantly in the spotlight, they have saved Yardley and other kids from the unwanted attention of the media.

Yardley Evans Brunt is 8 years old

According to the internet, Yardley was born when her mother was already 40. She came to this world 19 months after her elder brother Edward Yates’s birth. Her parents gave her the name Yardley in order to meet the strength of Yates’s name. They found the name on a children’s book.

Yardley Evans Brunt celebrates her birthday on 14th of April


Yardley was born on 14 April 2011. Also only after 2 years, her mother Megyn gave birth to the youngest child Thatcher. However, the details on the birthday and its celebration are not available on the internet. But, as there are 3 children at home, the celebration on each one’s birthday will probably be very enjoyable.

Yardley goes to school with her younger brother

This is very much understandable that celebrities and media personalities generally hide the details of their children. And, that is what even Megyn does. She often takes her children to school but doesn’t let the outsiders know to which school her children go.

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Megyn taking Yardley and her younger son, Thatcher to school

Megyn and Douglas are great parents. They take their kids to school and spend as much time as they can with their children.

Yardley’s parents Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt

Yardley is the second child of Megyn and Douglas. Megyn Kelly used to be a News Anchor at Fox TV from 2004 to 2017. However, she left the job at FOX TV and went to NBC so she could spend more time with her children in 2017. She is a wonderful mother who knows how to balance her work and family.

Similarly, Yardley’s father Douglas is an American Novelist. His first novel Ghosts of Manhattan was a critically praised novel.

Megyn and Douglas got married in 2008. Before tying the knot with Douglas, Megyn was previously married to an anesthesiologist, Daniel Kendall. Also, they got divorced in 2006. Thereafter, she met Douglas and tied the knot with him, Douglas and Megyn have 3 children together.

Yardley Evans Brunt must have a decent height

The body measurements of 8-year-old Yardley is off the record of the internet as of now. But, looking at her mother who is 5 feet and 6 inches tall, we can say that Yardley will be at least of the same height when she grows up.

But in general, the average height of an 8-year-old American girl is 4 feet and 2 inches. So, we assume that Yardley must be of similar height.

Usually, Megyn and Douglas do not reveal the information and pictures of their kids. Their efforts to save their daughter from unnecessary attention is very great. As a great parent, they are doing everything they can to give their children a better life.