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Xander Schauffele Parents: Xander Schauffele is currently in a relationship with a girl named Maya Lowe as per his Ig account. Xander is a professional PGA golf player. He is famous and has earned many name and fame in the golf field.

He has also won many championships and made a legacy in golf.

Xander Schauffele is the only son of a golf coach father Stefan Schauffele and a mother who is immigrant of Taiwan.

His father Stefan in his career was only able to be a golf coach. he encouraged and supported his son, Xander to play golf professionally and helped him a lot in coaching from a young age.

Xander Schauffele Net Worth – $15 Million to $18 Million Dollars

Xander Schauffele a renowned golf player’s net worth is estimated to be of around $15 to $18 Million dollars.

He has won in a total of five professional games and has earned lots of fortune by playing golf. He has also been featured in many sports magazines. He started to play professionally in the year 2015.

He has been making history since then playing and working hard. He is one of the best golfers around the world.

He also has his official website where he has included a detailed schedule and about his biography and professional life.

Xander Schauffele Nationality – An American


 Xander Schauffele was born in San Diego, California.

Xander Schauffele Age – 25 Years old

Xander Schauffele is currently 25 years old.

He is a dashing young golfer of the United States.

Xander Schauffele Wiki (PGA Tour)

Xander Schauffele was born on October 25, 1993, in San Diego. His full birth name is Alexander Victor Schauffele. He had a passion to play golf since he was of age 10. He mentions that his father supported and mentored him throughout his young age and helped him play golf professionally.

He gained education from Long Beach State University and later graduated from San Diego State University.

He is currently in the PGA tours. He has done formally many tours and played many games. He says that PGA Tour is a turn in his professional career and as a golfer. He is working very hard to achieve success in the upcoming days. In 2017, he also succeeded to win PGA Tour Rookie of the year.

Xander Schauffele Height: 5’10”, Weight – 76 Kg

Xander Schauffele has a marvelous height of 5 feet 10 inch. He weights 76 kg as of now.

He has got good athlete physique and is seen hitting the gym as posted in his social account. A 25-year-old, charming golfer has an attractive appearance and has many fans all around the world.

Xander Schauffele Instagram Account – 41.6K Followers

Xander Schauffele is active in the Instagram account as @xanderschauffele. He has got huge followers of 41.6K.

In his Instagram account, he has posted many pictures with the girl named Maya Lowe and they recently happened to enjoy their vacation in Japan in the year 2017 in December. They seemed to be in a relationship and have posted many pictures together.