Owning a superyacht is a symbol of wealth and it is a common phenomenon for the richer people since a long time. The superyachts are very much expensive as it is equipped with high technologies and gadgets which several infrastructures inside. Here are some of the world luxurious super yachts in the world.


1. Azzam

Azzam stands tall at the height of 180.60 m i.e. 592'6 feet and has the beam of 20.8 meters (68.4 feet) and shallow draft of 4.3 feet. It is the world largest Superyacht which is filled with high technologies and gives a great performance. It is a private yacht built by Lurssen Yachts, manufactured in the year 2013.

Due to its high definite feature, it is the world most expensive superyachts. Mubarak Saad al is the one involved in the technical part. The interior design is made by Christophe Leoni in French Empire style whereas the exterior styling is by Nauta Yacht Design. The staggering speed of Azzam is 31.5+ knots and its entire feature was built within three years.

 This super beautiful masterpiece has the fortune cost of US$ 600 million. It can travel in shallow and warm water with salon, sophisticated pub and bar, café bar, lavish sleeping chambers, and many more luxury inside it. It also has its own missile defense system and has gas turbines and diesel engines both each.

2. Eclipse

Eclipse was manufactured on 9 December 2010 after five years of intense construction and design. It was built in Hamburg, Germany by Blohm+Voss and has the total cost of $500 million. This superyacht is the world's second-largest private yacht with the total length if 17.3 meters. It has the beam of 22.00 meter, a draft of 5.90 meters and power of 29.6 MW. It stores a missile detection system and also possesses the largest rotor-based stabilization system.

This giant beauty has the speed of 40.74 Km/h with one mini-submarine and three landing boats inside. There are different specialties this superyacht possess. It has two helicopter pads, twenty-four guest compartments, two swimming pools, a disco hall and several hot bathtubs. Around 70 crew members are operated in service for hundreds of guests.

Roman Abramovich owns this wonderful superyacht which interior features are designed by Terence Disdale designs. It is a very luxurious yacht ever made in the world.

3. Dubai

Dubai is the superyacht which is known as the world's third-biggest yacht. It is at present owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He is the current Prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. This ferry was commissioned by Prince Jefri of Brunei where the exterior and interior designing was done by Andrew Winch.

During the time of first constructed, it was suspended due to some reason in 1998 and was left as a hull which was partially completed. Later the Government of Dubai bought it, and then the Kostis Antonopoulos of Platinum Yachts gave it a new in-house interior design.  After it completes, it came up as a beautiful colossal royal yacht.

Dubai the superyachts cost price is $400 million. It has the length of 162 meters (531ft 6 in), a height of 9.26 meters (30 ft 5 in), a beam of 22 meters (72 ft 2 in) and draft of 5m (16 ft 5 in). The total speed of this yacht is 26 knots which is equal to 30 mph, 48 km per hour. The other best feature about it is the bathed in color lights and glass steps which makes it very beautiful.


4. Dilbar

Dilbar is considered to be the largest yacht in the world in terms of its gross tonnage. It was launched on 14 November 2015 and delivered by German Lurssen shipyard. It was built as Project Omar and later renamed as Dibar. The interior design of Dilbar was done by Andrew Winch and the exterior was done by Espen Oeino.

It has the record of having 180 cubic meter swimming pool which is the largest pool on any yacht. The length of this yacht is 156 meters i.e. 512 feet, draught is 6.1 meters i.e. 20 feet, and a beam of 24 meters i.e. 512 feet. It has the displacement big tonnage which is 1230. The living space for owner and guest is widespread in over square meters of 3,800 meters.

Around 100 crew members are needed to provide service in this giant ship. It is also said that the chefs involved in this yacht cook over 73,000 kg of crew meals annually. Except for the crew members, this ship has the capacity to carry over a hundred of passengers.

The body of this magnificent beauty is built with aluminum. This superstructure has the electric diesel power plant of 30,000 KW which is a very powerful fitting in any superyacht. The maximum speed is 22.5 knots whereas 18 knots speed is genuinely kept while cursing.

5. Al Said

Manufactured by Lurssen Yachts, Al Said was made in 2008 in Bremen, Germany. It is owned by Sultan Qaboos of Oman who ordered it to Lurssen in the year 2006. This superyacht is the world's highest displacement of 15,850 tons and the power of 16,500 kW. It is the fifth largest superyacht in the globe.

Al Said has the length of 155 meters i.e. 508.53 feet, the beam of 24.00 meters i.e. 78.74 feet, and the draft of 5.20 meters i.e. 17.1 feet. The total power of this superstructure is 25.2 knots (47 km/h) whereas only 14.5 knots (27 km/h) is used while cruising.

There is a concert hall with 50 strong orchestras with the space to accommodate 65 guests at once. This yacht also features helipad and a cinema hall along with six decks. The exterior styling of this ship is done by Espen Oino and interior design is by Jonathan Quinn Barnett. 

6. Topaz

Like other, this luxurious motor yacht is constructed by Lurssen in Bremen, Germany. The interior and exterior design are done by Terence Disdale Design and Tim Heywood respectively. This is the third largest yacht launched by the German and now is the member of the UAE elite. It has a Cayman fly in its top. The exterior and interior design are incredibly beautiful which is by Tim Heywood and Terence Disdale correspondingly.

This sixth largest yacht has the total cost of approximately $527 million. Topaz has the total tonnage of 11,589 tons, length of 147 meters (482 ft), a draft of 5.50 meters (18.0 ft) and the beam of 21.50 meters (70.5 ft). It has the main engines are twin Pielstick diesel engines which have the power of 7990 hp. The vessel of this giant ship features eight decks, an aluminum superstructure, and steel displacement hull.

 The yacht also has two diesel generators and emergency diesel generator. There are zero-speed stabilizers, double helicopter pads, swimming platform, underwater lights, Jacuzzi, tender garage, fitness hall, conference room and cinema hall.


7. Prince Abdulaziz

Prince Abdulaziz serves as a Royal Yacht for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, inherited from the late King Fahd. The ship was built by the Danish yard Helsingor Vaerft in the year 1984. It is designed by Helsingør Værft and the naval architecture is by Maierform. Late David Hicks is the interior designer of the Prince Abdulaziz.

The most notable thing about this ship is its interior designing which is spectacularly colorful which has the work blend if modern and ancient arts. This giant ship has fitted large lobby on the deck which is similar to the Titanic. It sails in the port of Jeddah, she is tied up nearby the palace of the King. The other thing about this is a highly equipped hospital, a cinema, and a mosque.

It has the length of 147 meters, a beam of 18.3 meters, and a draught of 4.9 meters. There are two Pielstick diesel generator sets of 5,816 kW. The yacht can run in the high speed of 22 knots which is 41 km/h however it is set at 18 knots i.e. 33 km/h. With this speed, it has the ability 60-65 crewman and 64 guests onboard.

8. El Horreya

Also known as El Mahrousa is the world eight largest superyacht which has the total length of 146 meters. It is used as a presidential yacht however it was a royal yacht before. El Horreya was originally built for the Ottoman governor of the Egypt, Khedive Ismail. The London-based Samuda Brothers company built this ship in the year 1863 and was later shown in 1869 at the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal.

At the beginning, its length was extended 40 feet and which was afterward 16.5 feet was added by 1905. In 1976 it represented Egypt at the Bicentennial Fleet Review in the harbor of New York. Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser has widely used this ship to sail from one place to another, the 1979 peace talks between Egypt and Israel was also held on the same yacht.

El Horreya has the total beam and draft of 13 meters and 5.3 meters respectively. The total speed of this ship is 16 knots maximum where 13 knots is used while sailing. There are 160 crews who sail in the yacht in a daily basis. Additionally, it has the tonnage of 4,561 and displacement of 3,762 tons.

9. Sailing Yacht A

Sailing Yacht A built and launched in the year 2015 by Nobiskrug stands at 142.80 meters i.e. 468'6 feet. It was ordered by Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko. The interior and exterior designer of the superyacht is done by Philippe Starck. It is very powerful with various speed hybrid powerplant which is assisted by a three-mast fore-and-aft sailing rig.

It has freestanding carbon fiber rotating masts imported from Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth made by Magma Structures. The other feature of Sailing Yacht A is its three fully-automatic carbon fiber/taffeta full roach sails manufactured by Doyle Sailmakers USA. This is now the world's largest private sail-assisted motor yacht.

Talking about its feature it has the total length of 142.81 meters i.e. 469 feet, the beam of 24.80 meters (81 feet), the height of 100 meters (330 feet) and a draught of 8 meters (26 feet). The total speed of this yacht is 21 knots where 16 knots is only used while cruising.


10. Yas

With the length of 141 Yas is one among the 10th top superyacht in the world. It was launched by Abu Dhabi MAR in November 2011. It was built under the project name of Swift 141 in Abu Dhabi's port area. This superstructure is made with the use of steel hull of Dutch navy frigate. There is high-technology used during engineering by the Abu Dhabi MAR while it's rebuilt.

Fabulous interior and exterior designed have been made by Pierrejean Design Studio. Yas yacht has the full accommodation for 56 crew members and 60 guests. It has the knot power of 26 which is by twin MTU diesel. Before all of these specifications, it was first built in the year 1977 by De Schellde.