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Willy McQuillian (Mountain Monsters) Age, Height, Wiki, Family, Wife, Bio
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Hunting is a passion and way of life in the northern parts of America. Willy McQuillian is a native of the mountains of America.

He got into the spotlight after featuring in the reality show ‘Mountain Monsters‘. He has credits for 5 episodes of the 6-seasons show.

The last episode of the 6th season is airing on August 4, 2019. Basically, the show is about a group of hunters hunting monsters and creatures in the woods.

Likewise, the show adds up with drama. The cast arguing over the existence of extra-ordinary creatures like werewolves, bigfoot and so on spices the show.

Today we will be talking about one of the popular cast of the show. Here is all you need to know about Willy McQuillian age, height, wiki, family, bio and more.

Willy McQuillian is in his late 60s- age

It’s almost obvious when a person in the spotlight doesn’t want to share personal information.

Similarly, Willy McQuillian has also not shared any fact about his age, birthday or date of birth.

However, we can predict his age looking at his pictures and the way he operates. As of 2019, he must be in his late 60s or early 70s.

His age may say a different story but he is one of the active hunters in the show. He specializes in trapping, hunting, and carpentry.

How tall is Willy McQuillian?- height


Willy has been hunting since his early childhood. He has always remained fit and strong. Apparently, he looks bulky in size with a heavyweight.

Willy never shares data on his physique or measurements. Although, Willy McQuillan looks around 6 feet in height and more than 100 kg in weight.

Willy McQuillian (Mountain Monsters) Age, Height, Wiki, Family, Wife, Bio

The number explains the picture of a hunter who is almost 70 years old.

Mountain Monster Willy McQuillian Wiki, Family, And Wife

Willy has kept a very low profile about his wife, family, personal life and relationships. Similarly, he has also not shared moments and memories in his childhood.

Some of his memories of hunting with his father, outing, having fun with friends would have really helped to dig into his wiki and bio.

Unfortunately, he never talks about those glorious days. Maybe it was because of his miserable childhood or maybe he is just a shy person.

On the other hand, he is already 70 and must have experienced some romantic life. However, the same is the case of his marriage and children. He just doesn’t like to share that information.

He is a co-founder of ‘AIMS’ – His Bio, net worth

Willy is a hunter and a wanderer. He has been roaming the woods and mountains his entire life.

He has seen monsters and creatures. He believes the mythical monsters like Bigfoot, Werewolves, HellHounds, Lizardman and so on may exist.

As a result, he has co-founded the organization ‘Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings'(AIMS).

Moreover, he has an IMDb profile describing his acting career. However, he has only starred in ‘Mountain Monsters’ till the date.

Likewise, he is a master of building traps for hunting. In addition to it, he also expertises in carpentry and has vast mechanical knowledge.

On top of that, he is always ahead in the discussions related to the monsters and discovery in the woods.

The salary of the cast differs on the basis of work. However, according to, Willy McQuillians’ net worth in 2019 reaches up to $600,000.