Update 2021: What Happened To Deion Sanders Sr Health?

Deion Sanders Sr has provided a health update in 2021. Reportedly, he has thanked God for getting him through the hospital.

According to Clarion-Ledger, he had undergone foot surgery. Because of its complications, Deion had to miss the last three games of JSU.

After the surgery, he hasn't been responded to the media yet. Hopefully, Deion will interact with his fans very soon.

Well, Celebsaga is sad to hear that the football legend isn't doing great at this hour. We would like to send our love and support to Deion and pray for his speedy recovery.

When he was sidelined for three games, Gary Harrell served as their interim coach. For the past couple of hours, Deion has been regularly updating his condition on Instagram.

Under the username of @deionsanders, he has around 2 million followers. Moreover, we can find him on Twitter with more than 1.2 million fans.

Why Is Deion Sanders Sr On A Wheelchair?

Deion Sanders Sr is in a wheelchair after foot surgery. Despite his physical problems, he thanks the Lord for everything.

Reportedly, the football coach was finally released from the hospital this week. Well, Deion claims that he can't walk on his own and relies completely on other personnel.

Moreover, he says that it's difficult for him to even reach the bathroom. Nevertheless, he is thankful to God that he is fine.

Via his social media profiles, we have noticed that he is quite devoted to Jesus. Well, he is thankful to be alive and assist God in every way possible.

Fortunately, Sanders has returned back to training. But, we are unsure if he will appearing the next game.

How Rich Is Deion Sanders Sr? Net Worth In 2021

Celebrity Net Worth claims that Deion Sanders Sr is $40 million. Undoubtedly, he is rich and lives a luxurious lifestyle.

Reportedly, Deion has earned more than $45..6 million from NFL. Moreover, he was a baseball player who made $13.2 million playing for Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds.

Deion Sanders Sr Wife And Son

Deion Sanders Sr doesn't have a wife at present. However, he was married twice in the past.

According to Wikipedia, he had first tied the knot with Carolyn Chambers. After their divorce in 1998, Deion married Pilar Biggers-Sanders in 1999.

Sadly, the partners got separated in 2013. Currently, he is dating Tracey Edmonds.