Why Is Andi Oliver Bald?

The reason behind Andi Oliver's baldness is yet to be known. She is a London-based chef who hosts food-related TV and radio programs on a regular basis.

A person can get bald due to various reasons. However, as Andi has no specific information about illness, it might be that she just did it because she wanted to. 

The actress is known to have had a lifetime passion for delicious food and has been throwing her own dinner parties since she was 12 years old.

Her father's profession in the RAF let her travel much as a child, giving her a diverse palate with influences from all across the world.

She co-owns Andi's Restaurant in London with Kelly Miles when she is not broadcasting.

Andi Oliver Husband Or Partner Reveal

Andi Oliver's husband or partner is Garfield Hackett. They met while working at the Shoreditch speakeasy The Globe.

He is the band manager for The Feds and the director of the London Pleasure Gardens pop-up hotel.

The cultural facilitator is close friends with the hotel's maître d'hôtel, Fred Sirieix, with whom he frequently exchanges photos on Instagram.

Garfield owns a mango tree in Jamaica and enjoys attending Glastonbury Festival. He claimed he missed the mud when it was canceled this year.

Andi met Garfield almost 20 years ago, and they became friends because they both despise camping.

They currently co-own the Caribbean home-cooking enterprises Andi's Wadadli Kitchen and One Love Clapton, which includes pop-up cooking.

Andi Oliver Daughter: Who Is She?

Andi Oliver's daughter, Miquita Oliver, and a broadcaster is close to both Andi and Garfield. Despite the fact that he is not her actual father, Garfield refers to her as his daughter.

Andi and Garfield reside in Clapton and are said to like spending time at Millfields Park, where they have a music system and eat delicious meals.

Nothing much about her is known as of now. 

Andi Oliver Net Worth In 2022

Andi Oliver's net worth has been growing significantly in 2022. If one has to estimate, she is worth $765-890 thousand dollars. 

Other than that, she is a big foodie who loves inventing and trying out new dishes.