Who Was Rory Nairn Dunedin? 

Rory Nairn was a bright and outgoing plumber from Dunedin.

He worked as a full-time plumber and enjoyed playing rugby, diving, and hunting on the weekends.

In short, he has been described as full of life and a healthy being by his fiancee, Ashleigh Wilson.

Moreover, Nairn was a dedicated fiance to Ashleigh and made time for family when he was off his work.

Nairn losing his life untimely at such a young age has broken thousands of hearts.

Rory Nairn Obituary: Know His Death Cause

Rory Nairn has received an official obituary by Tributes New Zealand though the source has not disclosed his death cause yet.

Moreover, the reason behind his death has been ruled due to unknown causes by his initial autopsy report.

His death has become an issue at the moment as he died due to cardiac arrest.

However, his fiancee alleged that he was a healthy man with no prior issue with overall health.

She believes that she lost her fiance to the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine provided by the government.

The mourning Ashleigh has posted a long proposition on Facebook, citing the backdrop of Nairn's death.

As the post has reached many, netizens have started speaking on the mysterious deaths of the youths in the country.

In addition to this, Ashleigh is heartbroken how the media is not welcoming Nairn's death.

Rory Nairn Age Revealed

Rory Nairn's age was just 26 years when he passed away. The exact insiders on his birthday are not accessible at the moment.

The Nairn family and his associates are overwhelmed as he was just a young guy full of life ahead.

Meet Rory Nairn Family and Wife

Rory Nairn hailed from a very supportive family, including his surviving parents, Chris and Brett, and a brother named Jordan.

Meanwhile, he was " target="_blank" rel="noopener">engaged to his future wife, Ashleigh, on May 29.

Sadly, Nairn has left behind all of his family and soon-to-be wife to a saddening death.