Who Killed Missy Bevers? 

Missy Bevers was killed by an unknown assailant on April 18, 2016, while she was getting ready to take a fitness class at a local church.

An unknown culprit attacked Bevers many times with a sharp object, thought to be a hammer-like tool.

Security cameras captured footage of a guy clad in what seemed to be police gear strolling the church's corridors.

Around the time of the murder, there is a video of a suspicious car traveling slowly around the parking lot of nearby shuttered businesses. It's defined as a Nissan Altima, Infinity G37, or a similar vehicle from 2010 to 2012.

Missy Bevers Wikipedia And Age

Missy Bevers is yet to feature on the official page of Wikipedia. Missy was 45 years old before her death in 2016. She was born on August 9, 1970, in the USA. 

Terri Missy was a fitness enthusiast who ran her classes. Bevers was a well-liked member of the community with no known adversaries.

Bevers graduated from Jacksboro High School in 1988.

She then applied to several institutions before enrolling at Tarleton State University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in sciences in 1995.

Missy Bevers Family

Missy Bevers was born to James Clinton Strickland and Norma Strickland in Graham, Texas, United States.

She was the second of three children from her parents. She had two siblings Clint Strickland and Clifford Strickland, whom she loved very much.

Missy Bevers Husband

She was married to her husband, Brandon Bevers, in 1998, with whom she had three children, Allie Bevers, Hannah Bevers, and Sarah Bevers.

Bevers' family seemed to be happy until a disaster occurred in their family after her death in April 2016. 

Suspect Update 2021

The assailant - the alleged murderer – has never been identified. However, Bevers' murder case is still under investigation as of 2021.

According to authorities, more than 2,000 suggestions have already been filed, with many more coming in weekly.

Many of these leads involve a person who walks in the same manner as the suspect.

The case has gained national attention, thanks in part to appearances on true crime television series.