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Who is Theresa Roemer? American businesswoman Theresa Roemer clearly needs no Wikipedia to boast her career success, accomplishment, and hardship, unlike most television stars.

No stranger to her 227k followers on Instagram, Theresa is a highly acclaimed fitness instructor, author, radio host and philanthropist whose remarkable work and social service has made her staple in television.

Roemer had promptly grasped the eye of the public after succeeding to make over $100 Thousand for charities by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

How was socialite Theresa Roemer in her young days?

As smart, quick-witted and down-to-earth as always, Theresa Roemer probably is amongst few celebs that haven’t changed a bit since her young days.

Discernibly likable and charming, she is impossibly smart and witty with a great sense of humor that no one can abominate Roemer.

Although she was a tomboy growing up, Theresa has noticeably worked on her looks and style over the years. With her dreamy looks, deep blue eyes and super athletic physique, the 57-years-old bond beauty makes an absolute beauty stunner.

Did Theresa Roemer put her Texas house on market?


Even though she is a philanthropist usually committed to provide enough and raise funds for charities and organizations, Theresa clearly knows how to make money through real estate.

The 57-years-old Woodlands, Texas native who often stays in the news for her significant philanthropic work had recently taken the news magazine and tabloid with the story that she had listed her extravagant mansion in a sprawling area of 17,000-sq.ft on market.

Primarily listed for $12.9 million, Theresa has finally settled down the price of her luxurious house for $7 million that comes with plenty of amenities including a floating staircase and a Champagne bar.

Has Theresa Roemer undergone Plastic Surgery?

She is often condemned on social media and tabloids for having reached out to a plastic surgeon who worked on her face but Roemer, 57 has always taken it gracefully.

But three years ago when the burglars broke into the mansion of Theresa, quidnunc took it quite ahead and took the socialite on radar before passing ferocious comments on her with some of them claiming that she rather fired her plastic surgeon immediately.

The other, however, insisted that Roemer must be regretting after creating the world’s biggest closet since a projected $1 million worth goodies and luxurious items were robbed by a burglar.

Theresa Roemer Family

A native of Houston, Texas, Theresa Roemer is an American socialite, fitness instructor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. The youngest of three siblings, Roemer had quite a childhood to remember except when she struggled from rheumatic fever four times.

Having spent more time with her brother, she grew up becoming a tomboy looking more like a cool dude than a girl. And even while attending high school, she was more focused on sports particularly basketball following which she received to study Black Hills State University on scholarship that Theresa turned down.

The former Miss Texas lost her brother from a heart attack while he was in his 20s and years after Roemer underwent through same tragedy after losing her son in a car accident.

Currently living with her family including husband Lamar Roemer and kids Lauren Morgan, Tashina Meyers, and Leslie Roemer, Theresa has by now overcome the pain and anxiety throughout the years.