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Who Is Themeli Magripilis? Jessica Mauboy Boyfriend Net Worth & Instagram Post
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Themeli Magripilis is an exotic name and just like the name, he has exotic looks. And when I say exotic, I mean it in the sense that he looks are to die for and there aren’t lotta people who look that good.

He’s the boyfriend of the former Australian Idol runner up Jessica Mauboy and let’s dive a little deeper in his life today.

Who Is Themeli Magripilis?

As we have already discussed but just a little bit, Themeli Magripilis is the boyfriend of Jessica Mauboy.

Magripilis is a soccer player and that’s all we know about him. We don’t know what he does for work. He is mainly caught fame for being a boyfriend of Jessica.

Some people hate him because of that but the way I see it, he’s high school sweetheart of Jessica and the guy just loves her.

They have moved in together and are really serious about their relationship.

Jessica has written and dedicated few songs on his name and they live in a mansion in Malibu. They are having the time of their life when there are people losing their minds over them due to hate.

They are also talking of marriage and kids out in the public. Seems like they really are committed and are in it for the long haul.

Themeli Magripilis Net Worth


The details regarding Themeli’s life is not that known to the public. He’s mostly a secretive person and is not associated with show business either. So, it is hard getting to know all about his life.

Therefore, we have to confess, we don’t know the details regarding Themali Magripilis’s net worth and we don’t wanna bother but he seems to be living a comfortable life.

Jessica – his girlfriend is currently worth around $6 million dollars. They currently live in Malibu. So, guys, don’t worry about their net worth because they are doing fine, actually better than fine.

Themeli Magripilis’s Instagram and social media presence

Themeli is pretty active on social media and mostly on Instagram. He has a decent amount of followers and his Insta account is actually full of adorable pictures of him and his girlfriend.

Just look how adorable they both look in this picture. It’s a post where Themeli has wished Happy Valentines to his sweetheart. Aww! They are so cute, it’s hard to handle. Fans, of course, went gaga over the post and started commenting with heart emojis and all that adorable comments.

They are having the time of their life actually. After Jessica dedicated a new song for him, she revealed how they slow danced to it in an interview. They sure are having a great time.

Jessica Mauboy Instagram account deleted?

There was a news that said Jessica basically deleted all of her Instagram posts till the date recently. Her account is still active. So, happy news for you Jessica fans out there. You can see what she’s up to but there was an incident where she deleted all of her posts. But, it was hardly an incident. She can do anything with her account, it’s not a big deal anyway.