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Tessa Dunlop
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Talking about Tessa Dunlop, she is a woman who wears many hats. She is not just a television presenter or a radio broadcaster. But, she is a historian and a writer as well.

And, she does justice to each task she takes on. This is why she has been able to achieve recognition in her professional career.

Until now, she has presented history-related shows for Channel 4, BBC, History Channel, and moreSimilarly, she is the author of The Bletchley Girls, The Century Girls, etc.

And, being a woman of her stature, she uses the platform she has to aware people at times. Once she revealed that the death of her unborn IVF child was due to Listeriosis. In this way, she is not afraid to disclose her own bitter experiences to make others aware.

Who is Tessa Dunlop Husband?

Tessa Dunlop refers to her husband as Vlad in her interviews. Vlad is not his real name as he does not like publicity. And, the story of how Tessa first met him is one of a kind.

At the age of 19, she went to Romania to teach English. That is where she found the love of her life.

However, they did not fall in love at the time. And it never occurred as love to them as she was 19. While her future husband was only 12 years of age then.

It was later when they realized their love for each other and romance sparked between them. At that time, she was already well-off whereas he was a 19-year-old unemployed guy.

Tessa Dunlop Salary


It is obvious to think that Tessa’s salary must be a whopping amount. She has more than one source of income. She is a TV presenter, historian and author as well.

However, she has never revealed just how much she earns through her works. But, you can be assured that her salary amounts a great deal.

Tessa Dunlop Net Worth: $600 Thousand Dollars

By now, you might be guessing that her net worth must be of great amount. Because her works are appreciated. And, she wears not just one but many hats.

According to Net Worth Post, she has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand. Hence, in this way, she has been able to amass wealth as well as respect from her works.

Tessa Dunlop’s Father

Donald Dunlop is the father of Tessa Dunlop. Sadly, he is no more. She lost her father to cancer in the year 2009.

When her father, who was a farmer, found out he had cancer. After which, he decided to donate his body to medical science.

Dunlop filmed the last year of her father’s life. It broadcasted on BBC1 on the 17th of May 2010.

Tessa: Children

Tessa Dunlop has two children and both of them are daughters. Her elder daughter is Mara while the name of her younger daughter is Elena.

Likewise, she is open about how others refer to her as a geriatric mother. And, moreover, she shared the bitter experiences of her trying to be a mother by IVF.

And, after multiple miscarriages, she finally became a mother last year. Although she is happy to have a second child, she revealed how difficult it was to have and raise a child in her 40s.

So, she suggested young career ladies to not wait until their 40s to bear children.