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Who is Tausha Kutcher? With the surname relating to Hollywood’s biggest actor Ashton Kutcher, Tausha Kutcher is a famous celebrity sibling who tends to stay away from show business and little brother’s spotlight, celebrating her own joyous life.

Ashton forged a thriving career path as an actor, portraying versatile role including hilarious Michael Kelso in ‘That ‘70s Show’ and romantic Louie in ‘Coming Soon’.

And, back in 2016, it seemed big sister Tausha was following in his footsteps landing guest starring in ‘The Walking Dead’, playing as a zombie in the season six.

But, the abovementioned role seems like the first and last role ever played by Tausha. And, in recent years, she is an autism advocate and outreach manager for ‘St. Nicholas Center for Children’ (as per her Instagram bio).

And whilst she appears to have had Hollywood connections through brother Ashton, Tausha, 44, seems to find success and happiness in humanitarian deeds.      

So, here’s what you need to know about Tausha Kutcher, the older sister acclaimed actor Ashton Kutcher and their family!

Ashton Kutcher Sister Tausha Kutcher Wiki and Bio

Unlike her famous brother, Tausha Kutcher doesn’t have her Wiki page, but her brief bio is certainly readable on few websites all over the internet, including IMDB.

She was born-and-raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa along with younger brother Ashton, who has a fraternal twin brother named Michael.

The daughter of factory employee Larry M. Kutcher and his wife Diane, the elder Tausha grew up in a Catholic family with an unstable financial situation.

Having completed her early education, she witnessed her brother’s meteoric rise as a model, actor, entrepreneur, and successful investor. Evidentially, gone are the struggling days for the Kutcher’s family!

And, today, younger Ashton is worth around $200 million, accumulated from his acting, modeling, and business. Also, as a successful investor in over 60-companies and the co-creator of ‘A-Grade Investments, Aston has have built his empire.    

Tausha Kutcher Age – 44 Years Old


Tausha Kutcher Age: Born in 1975, Tausha Kutcher currently ages 44 in 2019 and happens to be 3-years senior to brothers, Ashton and Michael Kutcher.

The Kutcher’s siblings prove one very important theory: they don’t actually age and stay hot, juvenile together.

Tausha Kutcher Daughter – Dakota

On 16 April 2014, Tausha Kutcher walked the aisle with her longtime boyfriend, Kenny Kordisch in Slidell, Louisiana and has been together ever since.

And, that September, the lovebirds welcomed their firstborn, a baby boy named Maxton. On the other hand, 44-year-old Tausha also has a grown-up daughter named Dakota (born in 1999) from her previous relationship.

As of April 2019, Ashton’s sister Tausha only has one child, a son named Maxton. And the identity or existence of Dakota in either her life or the actor’s is nowhere to be found.  

Staying put as possible, Tausha somehow manages to fiercely secure her private life especially her kids and dreamy husband away from the media.

Looks like she is taking advice from her brother Ashton and his wife Mila Kunis (also an actress), who both has a reputation of living an ultra-secluded lifestyle.

Nonetheless, you can follow Tausha Kutcher on social media including Instagram @tmkutch, which has nearly 100k followers.