Who is Tariq Nasheed Wife Peanut Nasheed? Facts on his Net Worth, Son, Asir Nasheed

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Tariq Nasheed

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The New York Times bestselling author Tariq Nasheed is an inspirational figure in the United States. Tariq is an American movie producer and author. He is a media personality spreading lessons on relationships and dating life.

Despite his catchy name, fans and followers call him Tariq Elite, King Flex, and K-Flex. He amazed his audience with writing and expression skills in ‘The Art of Mackin’.

Likewise, his other remarkable creations were ‘The Elite way’, and ‘The Mack within’. Similarly, He also wrote about gold-digging, relationships up and down and finding and dating women.

The creative writer and producer have tons of followers worldwide. Here’s all you need to know about his personal life and career status.

Tariq Nasheed Wife Peanut Nasheed

People say that behind the success of a man, there is a woman. Well, so is the case of Tariq who has a lovely wife named Peanut Nasheed.

Sources claim that Peanut is a former American Model but she was not so popular during the tenure.

Peanut and Tariq dated for 7 years and finally tied a knot in 2014. They are an exemplary couple for his fans and followers. Besides, He himself is an author of writings about romance and love.

They together have a son Asir Nasheed born after their marriage. Before him, Tariq has 2 children, a boy, and a girl.

His mingle life is healthy and inspiring. He even posts his family pictures in Social media platforms.

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Tariq Nasheed Net Worth

Tariq is like a superhero who has all the powers. He involves himself in Producing, acting, designing, writing and even motivation. He participates in hosting Pep talks about love life and romance.

Despite his immense talents, he has a fame for production and book writing. He is known for Hidden colors movie series with 4 sequences. Alongside, he also produced Dark Medicine and 1804 that describes the history of Haiti.

With established fame in movie production, he also writes informational books. His library of literature includes ‘The art of Mackin’, and ‘Play or be played’. He also delivered The art of gold-digging, The elite way, and The Mack Within.

His ‘The Art of Mackin’ was The New York Times bestseller selling 250,000 copies worldwide.

Due to his immense success, his net worth is quite high.

According to wikinetworth.com, Tariq Nasheed has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. The 45-year old is a jack-of-all-trades. So, his net worth will be elevating near future.

Son – Asir Nasheed

It may be difficult to maintain a good family environment and career but not so much for Tariq. He is literally a family guy who understands hard work and struggle. Attributable to his career struggle, at the age of 17, he flew to LA as hungry youth for success.

On 2014, Tariq and Peanut got married after they were 7 years together. It was February 15, 2015, they had a child together and named him ‘Asir’.

Asir is quite a stubborn child and seems like great things are waiting for him like his father. Tariq posts videos and pictures with Asir and all family members on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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