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Who Is Tamera Young Dating Boyfriend? Find Her Age, Net Worth and Salary
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If you love women basketball then you might be familiar with the name Tamera Young. After all, she is a famous American basketball player. She plays in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Apparently, we will be talking about the same person in this story. So if you wish to know about the different aspects of Tamera’s life, then you need to do one thing. Well, just stick with us to the end. That’s all.

So without further delay, let’s just dive into the main topic.

Short Bio

Well, it’s better to know the basics of the person you are going to read about. So, here are some introductory matters related to Tamera Young.

As we have already discussed, Tamera is an American basketball player. According to the information available on her Wikipedia, she is currently playing for the Las Vegas Aces of the WNBA.

Before pursuing her career as a professional basketball player, Young played collegiately for James Madison University. However, she has played professional basketball for a number of teams at different levels in her career.

Who is Tamera Young Dating Boyfriend Mimi Faust?


So, according to the information on a source, Young is currently in a romantic relationship with Mimi Faust.

Who is Mimi? Well, she is a Virginia-born businesswoman and a reality TV star. Don’t get shocked when we address Mimi with her. After all, she is a girl.

Nowadays, it has become a common thing to see relations between same-sex people. There are a lot of examples among the celebrities themselves. They are happy, so nobody needs to say anything about their relationship.

Now coming back to Tamara and Mimi, the two have been in a romantic relationship since 2016. Like many other relationships. this one also started as a rumor. However, the two have confirmed their relationship before the public.

Tamera Young Age: 32 years

A source tells us that Tamera was born on 30th August 1986. So, if we are to believe the information, then she is currently 32 years of age.

Additionally, Young was born in the city of Wilmington, North Carolina in the USA.

She was born to Greg Young (father) and Lynda Nichols (mother). But she was raised by her stepfather John Brown after her mother married him.

Tamera Young Net Worth and Salary: $1.5 Million

Now, you must be wondering about how much Tamera earns and what her net worth totals to? After all, that’s what you are here for.

Well, the source tells us that the net worth of Tamera Young as of 2019 is around $1.5M USD. Considering that she has been playing professional basketball in the WNBA, that sum is quite reasonable.

Again, that is not the official information about her net worth. It’s just an estimation made by her fans I suppose.

Her main source of income is her profession as a basketball professional. Apart from that, we have no information about other sources of her income.