Who Is Sarah Lyford?

Sarah Lyford is Avi Yemini's Ex-Wife. She accused her ex-husband of several domestic violence before she divorced him.

She is not the first person to sue him. She happens to be the second among the family member while his brother Manny is the first.

Many details on Sarah have not been known yet. But her ex-husband is probably in a new relationship.

Sarah Lyford's Domestic Violence Case Explained

Sarah Lyford has been the victim of domestic violence, and she sued her husband Avi for that. He performed the acts such as throwing the chopping board at her while she was preparing the meal.

She also accused him of sending heaps of explicit and threatening messages. The assault happened between the years 2017 to 2018, while the text abuse was in 2019.

Sarah confessed that she faced a lot of devastating changes in her life because of his behavior. The sources say that he was fined $3,600.

Sarah Lyford Age

Sarah Lyford's age is unknown. However, she must be around the age of her ex-husband Avi who is 35 years old. 

Nothing much about Sarah is known as she seems to keep her account private. Well, she must be happy and safe at her place without a harmful husband.  

Sarah Lyford On Wikipedia 

Sarah Lyford is not on Wikipedia neither is her ex-husband. 

Avi is active on the internet. 117k people on Instagram follow him. He is also seen on youtube with 448k subscribers. Avi has not revealed his new girlfriend's face and always hides her face in the pictures for some reason.

We hope he doesn't beat her as he did to Sarah.