Who Is Ruby Elliot? Ruby Elliot Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Parents, Family, Bio

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Who Is Ruby Elliot? Ruby Elliot Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Parents, Family, Bio

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Ruby Elliot is a cartoonist from London. She expresses her emotions and illustrates them in the cartoons. In the early days, she uses to draw to make herself laugh. Later, that became her profession and something that made her famous. Her first book, “It’s All Absolutely Fine” was able to give her her share of appreciation.

Ruby Elliot Age: 25

At the age of 25 years, she has been able to make people laugh with her work. Sketching and drawing are a big part of her identity now. Born on 8th December 1993, she is very much happy with the work she has been doing.

Ruby Elliot Wiki

As of wiki, Ruby is an illustrator and a cartoon artist. She has been able to present mental health in a different way to people.

After posting her artworks on Instagram and tumbler, she gained enormous popularity. Her works used to be shared by BBC, Mind, Buzzfeed, The Huffing Post, etc.  Furthermore, in the then year of 2016, she published her first book. Her first book, ”ITS ABSOLUTELY FINE” could reach many hearts.

The book talks about mental health in an artistic way. Through this book, she shares her experience of having to struggle due to her medical conditions. Also, the book received a lot of appreciation.

Does Ruby Have a Boyfriend??

Well, what do you think??

Ruby Elliot, might or might not have a boyfriend. Since she has not talked anything about her relationships yet, we cannot even predict anything. She has not made any posts regarding her personal life.

Who are Ruby’s Parents?

Sadly, there is no information regarding Ruby’s parents. Since she does not post anything other than her work, we cannot find the parents. But she was born in London, England.

Ruby’s Family

As said earlier, she has not said anything about her family and friends to this date.

Ruby Elliot’s Bio

Unfortunately, physical details about Ruby are not available. According to her birth date, she is a Sagittarius.

Ruby is popular for her way of pouring out the feelings to the drawings. Her interest in the sketchbooks and pencils later showed her the path she loved to walk on.

She was just 14 years old when she found out she had anorexia, a medical condition of lack of appetite. Apart from this, she had depression, bulimia and bipolar. It was only a few years back that she knew she was bipolar.  All of these conditions, made her isolate herself.  However, it did not stop her from being what she is now.

That is why she started blogging to get rid of the isolation. In one of her interviews, she said that drawing helped her to communicate.

When she was 17, she left school. It was only then that she started drawing again to keep herself from harming herself. And she did not have to look back since then. Meanwhile, she also said that she laughs at her own jokes almost always.

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So, as she posts all her artistic humor on her Instagram, we can at least find her humor there.

She has an Instagram account as @rubyetc_. She has more than 250000 followers. Also, she owns a dog.