Who Is Rod Demery? Rod Demery Wiki, Age, Wife, Family

Rod Demery an American police officer has been divorced twice in his life. 

Rod Demery is an American police officer, a detective, an actor, a TV show host, and a writer. He has been through lots of things in his life and his life is full of thrill.

Who Is Rod Demery?

Rod Demery is primarily a police officer and a detective. He has also starred in a TV series  ‘Murder Chose Me’. Not only this he is also the best selling book writer.

He is the author of No Place for Race: Why We Need to Address Economic and Social Factors That Are Crushing Us Every Day and his best selling book was Things My Daughters Need to Know: A Cop and Father’s View of Sex.

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He is a talented American officer who is full of skills and knowledge.

Rod Demery Wiki

Rod Demery is a son of Barbara Sue Demery and was born on 7 December 1965. He holds an American nationality and name of his father is not mentioned anywhere on the web. His birth name is Rodney L. Demery.

He has two siblings namely Patrick Demery and Erin Deremy. He went to Louisiana State University for his bachelor’s degree in 2001. And by 2004 he obtained a Bachelor of Arts certification in Criminal Justice.

In his lifetime, he has had many downfalls and he has gone through a lot of struggles. He lost his mother when he was just at age three. His mother was murdered inhumanly by her ex-husband whose name was Jerry Armstead.

Rod Demery Age – 52 Years Old

Rod Demery is 52 years old.

Rod Demery Wife And Kids Update – Unknown

Rod Demery is supposed to be married and divorced twice. Although the name of his both wives is missing.

He has not mentioned their identity anywhere in his interview or social media.

Altogether from both wives, he has got nine children.

Rod Demery Family and Family Incidents – Murder of his Mother

Rod Demery has only mentioned his mother’s identity. Her name was Barbara Sue Demery. She was murdered cruelly by her ex-husband Jerry Armstead in 1969. At the time Rod was just a three-year-old kid.

He went through a lot at that time. He and his five-year-old brother Patrick Demery was raised by their other relatives.

Children without parental support create trauma and Rod and his brother had to go through the same trauma and struggles. His brother Patrick had to been involved in murder and crime because of which he was also imprisoned for 22 long years.

Rod managed to overcome all pains and has been living a quality life at present. He has starred in American TV series Murder Chose Me and written and published many books.

He has invested his 25 years time serving as an American police officer.

Rod Demery Height – 5’11”

Rod Demery has a height of 5 feet 11 inch with a muscular built body.

He has a brown complexion and has got no hair on his head. Many tattoos can be seen on his arms and hands.