Who Is Owen Poland Wife? On Their Married Life 

Owen Poland is a family man. He is a faithful husband and has a beautiful wife. 

But the identity of Mrs. Poland has not been revealed by Owen. 

Never once in the media or in public, Owen Poland let out the details of his relationship with his wife. We searched for information concerning his wife, and gloomily we found not a thing. 

There are no wedding pictures or even a picture of Owen's wife on the internet. 

And regarding his children, this information is also unavailable. 

We will again update our article if any data concerning Own Poland's wife and married life surfaces on the web.

Till then, we have to wait for the information patiently. 

How Old Is Owen Poland's Wife?

Owen Poland's wife is probably in her mid-sixties. However, this is just a projection of her age and not verified information. 

Owen's age is also unknown. He had completed his Bachelor's degree in 1970. So, as per our calculation, he is already 51 years. 

Poland is in all his likelihood in his seventies or late sixties. 

Do Owen Poland And His Wife Have Children?

Like many other absent details relating to Owen Poland's life, these details of his children are also missing. 

Owen and his wife are indeed a parent. But they have not brought light to their identities in public.

Owen Poland's Biography On Wikipedia 

Owen Poland's biography is not written on Wikipedia. He has not been featured on their official website. 

Poland is one of the most experienced journalists. 

Owen was a former business editor at 3 News and ONE News. Altogether, Poland has won a total of he was recognized with a total of 11 Westpac Awards and Qantas for financial and business journalism.

Owen has a Linkedin account. We have kept the link here