Who Is Mellisa Root On 'School Of Chocolate'?

Mellisa Root is a professional culinary chef and a pastry consultant. She is the managerial pastry chef at Farmington Country Club. Currently, she is a participant in the cooking reality show 'School Of Chocolate.'

Aside from that, she also owns her restaurant named 'Mellisa Root Chocolates and Confections', which was only opened for business this fall in 2021. She graduated from the California Culinary Academy.

The root is described as ambitious and self-confident in the show. She has a boss kind of vibe as she operates in that position in real life. The pastry chef has over 20 years of experience in the field of culinary service.

In the first episode (spoiler alert), her chocolate lantern did not go as planned, but she expressed her delight at becoming a part of the performance. She also revealed on the show that she is a Virgo.

What Is Mellisa Root Age And Husband? Wikipedia Explored.

Root's husband's identity is not disclosed to the public. However, he was mentioned in an episode of 'School Of Chocolate.' Mellisa and her husband had established 'The Hairy Lobster' restaurant in Portland, Oregon.

The business was going strong for over five years but had to shut down due to the lockdown and Covid-19 in 2020. The restaurant never opened again. 

What Is Mellisa Root Net Worth?

Root's net worth is not available at the moment. She has been in the service industry for over two decades and has been trained in every part of the kitchen for five years.

Her primary source of income comes from her career as a professional chef. As a pastry chef consultant her and a restaurant owner, he also makes a respectable living. Now that she has appeared in Netflix's 'School Of Chocolate,' her net worth and fame are sure to grow more.

Meet Mellisa Root On Instagram.

The root is on Instagram under the username @chefmellisaroot. As of now, she has 1189 followers and 425 posts on the account. The chocolatier mostly posts about her stunning artistic culinary creations.

Recently, she made an Ig post promoting her show 'School Of Chocolate,' and her Groot modeled cake. Through her bio, we found out that she participated in the IKA Culinary Olympics.