Who Is Maelyn Jarmon Dating? Maelyn Jarmon The Voice Boyfriend Facts

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Since blowing out the minds of all four mentors in the audition to making crowds go wild with her melodic yet strong voice in every other episode, Maelyn Jarmon has come a long way – kudos to her moral fiber and hard work.

Having already cemented own-self as one of the toughest and strongest competitors in the new edition of The Voice, Maelyn truly has made her parent’s proud as well as her beau Johnny Murrell who just can’t stop gushing about how incredibly talented his partner is.

Who is Maelyn Jarmon Dating? The Voice Singer Maelyn Jarmon Boyfriend Facts

She has got an amazing soulful voice along with formidable qualities that a champion has. And Marlyn surely is leaving no stones unturned to breakfront her strong voice and made it as far as possible in the competition.

Within months since the show premiered its latest season, Jarmon has risen to become people’s favorite contestant in the show as they strongly believe that her performances sound like it’s been pre-recorded.

Turned to be a pivotal member and artist for Coach John, Jarmon actually is shining brighter than the audience had anticipated all because of her unbelievable singing prowess and precision to control her voice.

Apprehending her never-ending accomplishment and exorbitant popularity, Maelyn’s parents are really thrilled for her.

But it’s Maelyn Jarmon’s musician-guitarist boyfriend Johnny Murrell who is going overboard eulogizing and backing the 26-years-old singer.

Sharing the same passion and zeal for music, it’s no dubious how the two connected with each other. Since the time Maelyn who is deaf in her right ear from age 2 has made it through the audition of The Voice, Johnny has continuously supported and cheered for his beloved singer girlfriend via Instagram.

Just like Maelyn, Johnny himself is a singer-guitarist proverbial with performing on stage on local shows and venues. Youngest of all four offspring, he was born and brought up in Tulsa Oklahoma before moved to New York City to pursue a career in music.

Murrell’s mom Roonie Leittem-Murrell is a theology teacher in a local school in Oklahoma who has instilled good moral values and ethics in the singer.

Before forming own music troupe, Johnny was an intern at the sales and marketing department for a Smithsonian Folkway Recordings in Washington D.C.

Driven by music and ambitious to have a career in the industry, he shortly afterward relocated to New York and joined Harlem Children’s Zome working as a music specialist where he happed to run across fellow musician Pat Robinson.

They together signed up multiple other aspiring musicians including John Mahoney, Jordan Brooks, and Evan Harris to form own rock band Robbing Johnny whose debut album ‘Cold March’ was quite a smash hit.

With her girlfriend step closer to making it to the Top 8, Johnny as a doting boyfriend is cheering and supporting Maelyn as much as possible. In fact, his entire family including his close friends, all three brothers, and sister-in-law is rooting for Jarmon as they are longing to see her crowned the title.