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Lil Tay Father – Christopher John Hope: Reportedly a native of Atlanta, Georgia, Lil Tay was born to parents Angela Tian and Christopher John Hope.

Her mom who was employed at a real estate brokerage firm as a property agent had allegedly resigned from her job following Lil’s growing infamy.

Her boss had coerced Tian to quit the job after the little one used the Mercedes and even his sprawling house and swank to own it in her video without his consent.  

Tay’s estranged dad who seemingly keeps himself out of media spotlight is a professional lawyer. In the past few months, allegations were made against him by an unaccustomed user through a series of social media posts which claimed that Christopher was abusive to the young social media phenomenon.

The scandalous accusations had come against Hope just days after Lil disappeared from her Instagram soon after she posted a message that read ‘help me’.  

While some suggested that her father wanted to take control over her fortune, others claimed that he never paid Lil’s mother child support and wanted to take her back to Canada.

Speculations had been made that her dad forbid her from using social media so that she doesn’t reveal his truth.

While no evidence was there to confirm the allegations, it was reported that her brother Jason Tian had full control over her Instagram account and he was the one to spread or allegedly approach other to circulate the rumors of a criminal offense.

Lil Tay Wiki

Lil Tay is just 11 and still hasn’t got her own wiki page yet he has already been a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Lil Tay is a self-taught American teenage rapper, social media sensation, and hip-hop artist signed to Chuuurch Boyz Entertainment LLC.

Steadily rising to become Hollywood’s youngest music sensation, Lil has so far released eight music albums and three EPs including ‘Litty Tay’ and ‘We Up Now’.

At such a young age, she has made the waves in the music industry obsessed with her hip-hop music and rap style.

But the little one has also been considered the most controversial young social media star.

In most of her videos, Lil can be seen bragging about being ultra-rich and owning super expensive items like Mercedes, lavish mansions, and heaps of cash.   

Lil Tay Age,11, and Height  


Born in 2007, Lil Tay current age is 11.

Despite being so young, she is one of the most accustomed social media celebrities with more than 2.4 million Instagram followers.

Born as Claire Hope, Lil Tay stands at a petite height and possesses a slender physique with attractive facial features.

She is noticeably charming and super adorable but has an outlandish behavior including her nature to boast about owning expensive items that cost millions of dollars.

Lil Tay Net Worth – $500 Thousand Dollars

The controversial social media influencer and rapper Lil Tay reportedly has a projected net worth of $500 Thousand while her annual earning hasn’t been disclosed.

Lil who proclaims to be a native of Atlanta, Georgia has been marked the youngest flexer of the century as she seemingly boasts luxurious cars, mansions, designer clothes in her music video.