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Who Is Lacey Banghard? Lacey Banghard Age, Height, Boyfriend, Wiki Details
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While beauty and glamour is everyone’s favorite thing, we all love a glamorous model, right? Well here, we’re going to know everything about such a glamorous model of the United Kingdom!

She is a beautiful English model with an hourglass figure, seductive eyes, and muggy face. Her lush brown hair frames her beauty and highlights her full lips that display her sexy grin.

But, who exactly is she? Give this article a 5-minute read to learn about her!

Who is Lacey Banghard?

She’s an attractive, young and vibrant Lacey Banghard, an English glamour model. Modeling from a young age, she spent her early 20s posing for photographs.

The British beauty rose to fame when she posed for numerous PETA & Glamour advertisements. For the former, she posed alongside two protesters dressed as condoms, promoting sterilization of dogs & cats in 2013.

Scouted as a teenager, she reached by fame winning The Sun’s Page 3 Idol contest in 2011. She’s also an actress and television celebrity, a career she advanced to easily after enough gaining exposure.

Lacey has appeared on television shows like ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. In early 2013, she entered the UK version of the mentioned show but got evicted after three weeks.

An English model by origin, the brown-eyed stunner retired young from the modeling industry.

As Lacey became a household name in 2011, she roughly enjoyed five years of a modeling career and retired in 2016.

Her early modeling resumes include glamorous photoshoots in Nuts magazine from December 210 until January 2011.

Lacey Banghard Age, 27 and Height, 1.54 m


It’s universally known if you wish to be a model, you have to be tall. But, to your surprise, Ms. Lacey is amongst short models that made it big in the fashion industry.

Born in 1992, Lacey Banghard ages 27 this year, having celebrated her recent birthday 3-days back on May 1.

At only 5 feet 1 inch height, Lacey Banghard is one of the famous petite models to reach such incredible success.

The incredibly gorgeous Lacey is attractive with her brown locks, exotic appeal, and bombshell body. A sensible eater, she keeps toning/honing her petite figure to bikini body via fitness regimens and healthy lifestyle.

Is Lacey Banghard Dating? Know her Boyfriend

It may be hard to believe but Lacey prefers her personal spaces and enjoys solitude.  But, she does love the attention that comes with face, but sharing her private life isn’t her ‘thing’.

She keeps many aspects of her relationship or love life to herself.

Lacey Banghard seems to have genuine love in her life, but, we are unable to unveil identify of her mysterious boyfriend.

While Lacey has never given PDA moment or hint of a possible relationship to media, she relishes her privacy. Even the bright light and big cameras of paparazzi isn’t able to capture her anonymous man.

Lacey Banghard’s Wiki Details

Lacey Banghard is a stunning progeny of an Asian father and a British mother.

According to her Wiki page, Lacey’s unusual last name is the misspelling mistake.

Such an unfortunate incident happened when her grandparents shifted to England and required the documents. The English immigration authorities misspelled the surname.

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