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Karrine Steffans Net Worth: $4 Million Dollars. Karrine Steffans, the highly accomplished American actress and author most accredited from her Vixen series of books, Karrine Steffans have an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Her mammoth fortune which counts in millions has mostly come through the sales of her series of New York Times best-selling books including ‘Confessions of a Video Vixen’ and ‘The Vixen Diaries’.

Her collaboration with the various multi-platinum rap artists as a hip-hop model in over 20 music videos and movies also accumulated Karrine a lucrative amount of fortune.

Karrine Steffans Husband – Darius McCrary. Are they still married to each other?

The author Karrine Steffans who had been married to Big Shots famed actor-singer husband Darius McCrary for two years has formerly dated plenty of hip-hop artists and rappers including Bobby Brown and Busta Rhymes.

She may have been enjoying her untroubled single life at the moment but Karrine Steffans does have a long romantic history with several A-listed Hollywood stars.

She allegedly hooked up with Usher Raymond for more than two years soon after she separated from her New York-based rapper boyfriend Kool G Rap of four years.

Karrine Steffans had been dating Kool since the age of 17 up until their awful split as the rapper was rude and obnoxious to her.

In 2006, rumors of Karrine’s romantic affair with talk show host Bill Maher swirled around tabloids and magazine as the two was frequently spotted getting intimate and all loved-up with each other.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long and the actress soon moved on with her new love interest Soulja Boy which continued few months.

In the last few years, Steffans as reportedly dated as many as half a dozen of Hollywood celebs and hip-hop artists including Lil Wayne, The Fast and the Furious actor Vin Diesel, Talib Kweli, and Young Buck.

Karrine Steffans Son – Naim Wilson


Though she had been in a romantic relationship with multiple men over the years, Karrine Steffans has been just blessed with a son named Naim Wilson.

The actress was just 17 when she began cohabiting with rapper Nathaniel Wilson stage name Kool G Rap with whom she welcomed her first baby boy.

Karrine moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to protect her baby from Nathaniel whose physical exploitation and violence landed her in the hospital.

Karrine Steffans Wiki

Karrine Steffans Wiki: Although born and raised in Saint Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands, Karrine Steffans spent the most part of her teenage in Florida as her family moved to the state when 10.

Growing up, she endured a troubled childhood following financial paucity and physical and emotional abuse from apathetic father and an alcoholic mom.

She was physically abused when 13 after which she escaped the cruelty and started working as an exotic dancer. As per her wiki, Karine Steffans has graduated from the Horizon High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

She was homeless living on the streets for a month before traveling to Arizona and New York and meeting rapper Kool G Rap with whom she moved in.

The couple dated each other for several years during which Kool was rude and scornful to her after which Karrine left the artist and relocated to Hollywood.