Who Is Kaavia James Union Wade? Kaavia James Union Wade Age & Parents; Birthday

Who Is Kaavia James Union Wade? Kaavia James Union Wade Age & Birthday

Kaavia James Union Wade is a celebrity child, born to parents Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade. Born in 2018, Kaavia is already a local celebrity. Well, born to rich and popular parents has its own pros. Likewise, Kaavia is not only her parents darling but her charm goes beyond her family boundary.

With a cute innocent face and sweet smile, Kaavia is quite popular for a toddler. Besides her public popularity, she is also a famous name on social media pages. Though Kaavia is too young to maintain any social accounts, she has a family Instagram account by her name. The Instagram page has 792k and counting followers as of now.

Well, her Instagram fan base is enough to count her popularity. Thanks to her celebrity parents, Kaavia is living such a life that many can only dream of.

Her father, Dwayne Wade is a popular American basketball player. Dwayne, 37, currently plays for the Miami Heat in the National Basketball Association (NBA). On the other hand, her mother, Gabrielle Union is a prominent American actress. The Nebraska-born actress is popular for the reality TV show America’s Got Talent.

Find out more about Kaavia James Union Wade, her age, birthday, and parents.

Who Is Kaavia James Union Wade?

The life of celebrities is often a major subject of attention. Regarded as media magnets, celebrities often found themselves in media scrutiny. It’s like a relationship of nail and flesh which best defines celebrity and media, together.

Likewise, actress Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwayne Wade are among those celebrities. Been in the spotlight for a long time, their love life is often the center of media attention. And there’s no escape for their lovely daughter, Kaaiva James Union Wade, as well.

In fact, the little baby girl was already a celebrity from the moment she was born. Famed as a celebrity kid, Kaavia owes her popularity to her parents. Though she is too young event to figure out who her parents are, when she does, she is going to owe the debt.

The little girl is way adorable and is her parents’ darling. The youngest member of the family is often spotted with her parents in public and on social pages. Speaking

How Old is Kaavia James Union Wade – Age/ Birthday

Born in November 2018, Kaavia James Union Wade is currently 9-months old. Her birthday falls on the month of November, though her exact date of birth is still unknown.

The little girl is already photogenic and loves to pose in front of the camera. Well, her mother must be so proud of her little girl.

Recently in July, Kaavia and her mother Union appeared to be so summer-ready already in an Instagram post. The daughter-and-mother twinned outside their home in matching head wraps. Looking in the camera, Kaaiva seemed to have no problems trying a different pose. Likewise, those beautiful eyes of her can melt anyone’s heart.

Kaavia James’ Parents

Both of Kaaiva’s parents are celebrities. Her mother Union is a popular American actress. While her father is an American basketball player.

Her mother is worth an estimated $20 million, as of 2019. Kaavia’s father is worth an approximate $100 million more than her mother.