Who is Joey Gaydos Jr? Details on his Net Worth, Guitar Theft Charges and More

Joey Gaydos Jr. is an American actor, popular for starring in 2003’s ‘School of Rock’ at the age of age of 12. The 20th-century child star Joey got his start in Hollywood as a young guitarist in the respective movie but couldn’t handle the fame, bright lights and fortune along the way. Currently dealing with drug addiction, he is facing 4-felonies for stealing guitars over the last five weeks.

Is Joey Gaydos Jr. Dating? Know his Love Life and Legal Issue

Joey Gaydos Jr. is currently making a headline with his criminal activities! And, his personal choice of snorting drugs and stealing guitars are hotter topic lately than his love life.

The actor turned substance addict, Joey has been walking in-and-out of guitar shops in the Florida area without buying them. He has been busted four times and has taken $1900, Gibson Les Paul, $700 Fender Start and $800 Les Paul Epiphone Prophecy so far.

In the court, he is yet to give an appeal in the amp and grand theft case! And, this isn’t the first time for this young actor to have a problem with the law. Years back in 2009, he was arrested in Michigan for an underage Driving Under the Influence.

Born-and-bred in Dearborn, Michigan, he began playing guitar at age three but wasn’t until four years later that he actually get in touch with it. A year before auditioning for the 10-year-old guitarist for ‘School of Rock’, he had made produced a music video with his ‘Badd Raquette’ band-mates.

Upon getting the role, he flew to California with his family to film the movie, ‘School of Rock’, where he played the part of Zack. He was one of the sought-after performers during the hype of his career and quickly began a teenage heartthrob.

However, in the early of 2019, he is dealing with felonies and on the verge of hitting rehabilitation anytime soon. As far as his liaison status is concerned, he remains single and unmarried and hasn’t been active in a dating scenario lately. Also, he has never been photographed with anyone suspicious to date.

How tall is Joey Gaydos Jr.? Details on his Height and Body Measurements

Born in 1991, this April boy has lost his boyish charm to his drug addiction. Exposed to the glamorous world at young, this 5’11’’ stature actor couldn’t handle the fame and introduced to the substance abuse.

The son of Marge and Joey Gaydos Sr. he is a 27-year-old man who looks nothing like his age. Worryingly thin, his disheveled appearance and bony structure are way far from being cute and sexy today!

Notoriously famous for his bad choices, guitar theft and drugs binges, Joey’s own choice of unhealthy lifestyle led to premature aging, making him look more weathered than he actually is! Joey, who isn’t very media friendly, was and is still used to high-end and luxurious lifestyle—and his recent theft completely makes sense when considered his need for snorting drug daily.

With his long oval face, lean posture and penchant for smoking pot on a public, he is becoming famous for his reckless lifestyle in recent years. Having stepped away from the limelight, you can’t find this actor on any social networking sites. Just follow sites like TMZ to stay updated with his recent controversies.

Joey Gaydos Jr. Salary and Net Worth

Joey Gaydos Jr. Net Worth: Joey Gaydos is an American actor and musician, who hasn’t revealed the actual figure of his career earnings or net worth in the media. The self-claimed musician first, he has released a debut album in mid-2006 as a member of ‘The Joey Gaydos Group’.

Belonging to Greek descent, it’s quite heart-wrenching witnessing a great talent destroying his life! Having started out in the spotlight as a 12-year-old actor, he may have earned a considerable fortune from his entertainment career but has eventually lost it over his unhealthy choices.