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Who Is Jamie Bisceglia? Jamie Bisceglia Wiki, Age, Face, Family, Octopus
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Media. The media of this century doesn’t leave any chance of saying about the people who are slightly getting attention. They exaggerate the little things and make the mountain of gossips. I don’t know why I said that about media but I did. Whatsoever, some of you might be thinking this article about a celebrity. Sorry to say but it’s not. Actually, this article is about a random person who got bit by the octopus on the face. Her name is Jamie Bisceglia. She is all over the media.

I am sure some of you might want to know about her. If you are one of them then you are in the right place. Here we have collected information about her. Go through this article to the end.

Who is Jamie Bisceglia?

There is not much information on the internet on who Jamie Bisceglia really is. She is just in the media for being bitten by the octopus. Actually, you will laugh out loud when you will know how she got bitten by the octopus on her face.

Do you want to laugh? I am sure you want to. So let me tell you. She got bitten by the octopus while trying to be a stud. She was trying to pose for the picture putting octopus on her face. And the octopus bit her.

Actually, this article is a lesson for you too. Be careful and don’t do anything just to get a picture.

Jamie Bisceglia Wikipedia


Wiki page of Jamie Bisceglia is not available. Neither she is a famous celebrity nor she has done something to read for. So why would her wiki be available?

Despite not having her wiki we can give some information about her. But it is totally related to the octopus incident.

According to sources, she said that she saw an opportunity to get a different and unusual picture after meeting some fisherman who had hooked up some octopus. So she put a small octopus on her face to get the picture. Actually, she was trying to get the picture for the contest in derby. She said, ” It was a photo contest in the derby. And so, crazy me, hindsight now and looking back, I probably made a big mistake,”

After she put the octopus on her face, the octopus grabbed her face with the suction and then bit her. She said, “she was in insane pain and also lost lots of blood because of the bite.”

Age, Birthday

The details on the age of Jamie Bisceglia is not available.

Jamie Bisceglia Face

The actual detail about Jamie’s face after the octopus bite is not available. However, according to many sources, there are not any scars on her face after the bite. But she had to go to the emergency room for treatment.

The detail of Jamie Bisceglia family is not available.

Jamie Bisceglia Octopus

Jamie Bisceglia got the attention of the media because of the octopus bite. Sorry Vegans! But to take the revenge of the bite Jamie took the octopus to her house and cooked it. She also mentioned that it was delicious.