Who Is Harley Shaw? Harley Shaw Tik Tok and Instagram Followers

This modern era fame is all about a social presence, Harley Shaw is doing so. Harley is an American social media influencer. Actually, lots of fans and followers admire her work.

There are a handful of social media platforms to maintain your online presence. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the famous one in the early 20s. In the first place, we cannot leave out the most popular one from this group. Yes, it’s musical.ly these days called Tik Tok after merging each other some months back.

Again, we know Harley Shaw is web star but what about her social presence? What does she actually do, and questions about her followers in Tik Tok and Instagram. Here’s all you need to know about her.

Harley Shaw Tik Tok followers

After all, Tik Tok is one of the media platforms for emerging stars. Harley is one of them who basically, posts videos and motion stuffs. Her fans and followers love her creativity and act level on these creations.

Harley has almost 92,000 followers on her account. In due time, her follower’s circle seem to be expanding. Besides, followers are not only a considerable thing in Tik Tok. There’s something called hearts symbolled heart which can mean likes or love.

She follows 156 users and has 526,607 hearts. In other words, many of her fans love her creative ideas and uploaded videos.

She features in lip sync videos and GIFs. To emphasize her talent, she is good at acting and expressions. She can manipulate her face and facial expressions as background song demands.  Here are some of her videos listed out by tikvid.

She is beautiful and charming. For this reason, she has tons of followers and fans eagerly hanging for her new videos and pictures.

The date of her joining Tik Tok is not mentioned. In fact, she has posted 23 pictures and videos and fans adore almost all of them. Despite a smaller number of video contents, she is a hit and among the most popular Tik Tok users. She has listed none videos as her favorites from other users.

Her account on Tik Tok is not verified but looks like soon that is going to happen as well.

Instagram account and followers


Harley emerged from Tik Tok but what about her other platform presence? She is a web star that means she has to update herself on social media. Alongside Tik Tok, she also has other accounts but on the contrary, not so popular.

Harley Shaw Tik Tok

Harley has an Instagram account which she rarely uses. As a matter of fact, her account is private. That means difficult to extract her personal information. She updated her description in Tik Tok account some days ago.

It wrote, “taking a break”. Since then, both Instagram and Tik Tok account are publicly invisible. Maybe she just deactivated for some days due to certain reasons, who knows.

Harley Shaw also has a facebook account and guess what, this one is private as well. There’s no access to any photos, videos, likes, movies, songs or posts. Besides, adding her as a friend is also tough as old boots cause she is a star.

It is clear that she has an Instagram account but not public according to gramuser.com.

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