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Who is Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Wife? Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and Krix Beeble have been married to one another for more than 5 years now and yet things are as cool and comforting as it was between Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and his wife Krix Beeble.

Giorgio is indisputably one lucky guy to have ended up getting married to the lady that he had been in love for his entire life.

Yet, kudos to the reality star who continued to treasure the relationship and ensured that there is no tiff between his bond and connection with the love of his life.

Since they succeeded to keep their private life and relationship away from public attention, it’s yet unknown when the two exactly sparked romance rumors but it’s clear that they have been together for more than five years now.

Trying to stay as low key as possible, the couple didn’t go public with their secret affair until tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on March 10, 2013.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has been since then living a euphoric life with the Coral Springs native Kirk Beeble. His wife is a professional jewelry designer and a glass artist who trades the stuff on Etsy.

With a fairly balanced enduring relationship and bond, the couple is going strong in their perfect marital life which has no place for misunderstanding and differences.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Net Worth – $4 million

The Swiss-born Greek writer-producer and television personality Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has a whopping net worth of $4 million banked through a successful career in television.

Promptly acknowledged from his brief appearance in History channel docuseries ‘Ancient Aliens’, Giorgio has presented multiple other reality shows and television series on Sci-fi Channel, The Travel Channel, the National Geographic Channel and many other which for sure earned him the handsome amount.

The founder of a magazine called ‘Legendary Times’, Tsoukalos had financed an episode of Ancient Aliens as a consulting producer which obviously garnered him colossal amount since the show was a massive hit with millions of viewers.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Bio


The man behind the pseudoscientific meme that ancient humans interacted with ancient alien astronauts, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos was born and brought up in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Although his antecedent is from Austria and Greek, the reality TV star spent all his childhood in Switzerland where he studied at a boarding school.

In the late 90s, he moved to the United States to attend New York prestigious liberal arts college Ithaca and graduated with a degree in communication and sports information.

Although he didn’t compete in events unlike most bodybuilders, Giorgio did promote numerous bodybuilding competitions including the event which brought Hollywood giant Arnold Schwarzenegger both fame and reputation.

As per his bio in the wiki, Tsoukalos was 20 when he first met Erich von Daniken who thoughtfully made him the director of Ancient Alien Society being impressed at their first meeting.

Along with the coveted role, Giorgio also started to work at the society’s published newspaper called ‘Legendary Times’ as an editor. The world’s most acclaimed ancient alien analyst has also been credited for writing ‘Gods or Ancient Aliens’.