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Who is Fred Eichler? His Wife, Bear Charge, AR 15, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bowhunter
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Who is Fred Eichler? According to his website, he is a myth and a legend. Not only this, but it also tags him as the most interesting hunter in the world.

Bowhunter Fred Eichler Wiki

So, basically Fred Eichler is a hunter. And talking about his hunting specialization, he is a bowhunter. In addition to this, Fred is also a television personality, outfitter and an outdoor communicator. I assume you know what these things mean.

Talking about his television career, Fred has hosted shows like ‘Predator Nation TV’, ‘Easton Bowhunting TV’ and ‘Everything Eichler’.

So what about his hunting achievements? Well, seems like he has been able to achieve a lot in his life as a hunter. He is famous among the hunters for being the first hunter to hunt all 29 big game animals in America.

Moreover, he did it with a recurve bow and completed the super slam. So he has a swag of his own among other hunters.

At the present time, Fred lives with his wife and children in Colorado. He has three boys: Jeb, Seth and Trent. There they live in a ranch, where Fred has a number of animals like cats, dogs, horses, cows and goats.

Fred Eichler seems above 50 years old in age


We do not have accurate confirmed information regarding the birth date and age of the hunter. However, looking at her photos, we can say that he might be in his 50s at the present time.

And again, that’s just a guess. He could be older or younger than our approximation.

Fred Eichler Wife: Michele Eichler

So, who is the wife of the world-famous hunter? Well, the answer to this question is known to all those who know Fred.

Fred wife is Michele Eichler. Meanwhile, Michele is the daughter of John ‘Muzzy’. If you are familiar with the name, then you would know that John is a famous bowhunter. Seems like Michelle was searching for a person like her father. Great inspiration I must say.

Michelle helps Fred in his work. Together with their children, the family plans on leading the family business as far as possible.

According to the available information, the couple first met in the year 1984 in Gainsville, Florida. At that time, Fred had a job on the local archery shop there.

Bear Charge

During one of his hunting expeditions, Fred was charged by a Grizzly bear. Well, that was a very close encounter. However, there was no suffering and injuries from that. That’s good news.

Here is a video of the charge that we were able to find on facebook.

CHARGED by a Momma Bear!!! Fred Eichler – Fan Page

Posted by Outdoor Channel on Saturday, March 18, 2017

AR 15

Currently, Fred is a respected Television Personality all around the world. He has hosted a number of hunting shows by this date.

He is doing a pretty good job teaching his viewers the basics of hunting. The show ‘Predator Nation’ features Fred teaching the viewers to harvest predators using weapons like a crossbow, AR 15 rifles, bow and arrow and shotgun.

Well, if you like such things, then you can give the show a try. That again is considering that you haven’t watched it till now.

Fred: Net Worth

There is no official information regarding the net worth of Fred Eichler as of the current date. Sorry about that.

However, we can say that he is well off from an economic point of view. He is a famous hunter, TV personality and runs a family business. I don’t think I need to say anything more.