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Who is Emily Yoffe? 5 Facts on Emily Yoffe's Age, Wiki, Husband, Daughter, Family, and Net Worth
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Who is Emily Yoffe? 5 Facts on Emily Yoffe’s Age, Wiki, Husband, Daughter, Emily Yoffe Family, and Net Worth, Wikipedia, Birthday, Married Life and More.

Emily J. Yoffe known as Emily Yoffe is a journalist. She is an American journalist. Similarly, she is a contributing writer on “The Atlantic”.

What is her age?

Emily Yoffe was born on the 15th of October 1955. Her birthplace is America. At present, her age is 64 years old.

Likewise, she has not revealed about her parents and siblings. She might be private about her family life and likes to keep it away from media.

Emily Yoffe Wiki


Emily Yoffe is a popular Journalist. She is a writer as well. She has Wikipedia where many information about her can be gained. Information about her career, books, education etc can be gained from her Wiki.

She is a hard-working woman. With her hard work and dedication, she has gained a huge success and fame. She is a renowned journalist. For the “Slate Magazine”, she was a regular contributor from the year 1998 to 2016. There she worked in “Dear Prudence”.

Likewise, he has worked as a writer on “The New York Times; O”, ” The Oprah Magazine; The Washington Post” and many other publications. She worked as a staff writer at “The New Republica” at the beginning of her career.

After that, she moved to other publications.

Who is Emily Yoffe’s husband?

Emily Yoffe is a married woman. She is married to John Mintz. They walked down the aisle in the year 1994. It was her only marriage. Even after years of marriage, they are still together.

There is no news of conflict between the couple. They are living happily together with their children. Talking about her marriage she said that, she found photos of her husband with his previous wife.

Her husband was previously married to Robin Goldstein. Robin was at the age of 28 when she married. After six months she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After her 34th birthday, she died. She felt that she got to marry the man she loved five years later.

Though she was sad about the death of Robin.

Emily Yoffe’s daughter

Emily Yoffe has a daughter. She was born as a gift to the family. There was a tiny chair painted with the name of their daughter. However, there is no much information about their daughter.

Robin wanted to have children but due to her illness, she was not able to.

Who are in her family?

Emily Yoffe lives with her husband and children. Talking about her family, her grandfather married her grandmother after the death of his wife due to flue. After that, her mother was born. There is no much information about her family though.

Emily Yoffe Net worth

Being a famous Journalist, Emily might earn a huge amount of money. But she has not revealed her incomes and salary. Similarly, the net worth of Emily is unknown.

We can estimate that she might have earned a huge amount of money from her Journalist and writing career. Similarly, she has contributed as a writer in many publications. In the future, she might accumulate more money.