Who Is Dyeingo.o On TikTok?

Dyeingo.o is a TikTok account active since October 20, 2021.

The account has earned a decent number of following despite being the new member of the TikTok community.

Dyeingo.o has posted a total of 78 videos to date and with just being a month old account, 221.1 TikTok account have followed Dyeingo.o.

Most of the videos are gaining commendable views and 1.3 likes on its videos speaks volumes as well.

The account focuses on the young models from the Asian regions specifically from China with beautiful figures. Further, the videos on the channel are getting healthy responses from other accounts as well.

Similarly, the bio on Dyeingo.o states ‘Thank You For Your Attention’. You can find the account by clicking here.

@dyeing0.0 #Beauty #figure #Sexy #cute #chest ♬ Originalton - user1289896260406

Dyeingo.o Age And Wikipedia Details

Dyeingo.o is a month-old TikTok account. The models on Dyeingo.o are aged in their 20s.

Although, account does not prefer to reveal the personal detail about the models, you can simply assume the age of the models.

Meanwhile, it is still unknown about the fact on who the admin of the account is. The models, most of them in their 20s can be seen walking glamorously on the video while some of them is seen dancing.

Talking about the account’s Wikipedia bio, Dyeingo.o is not featured on the site yet.

Additional information about the account’s owner is kept confidential but judging by the early videos, a young girl from China may be the one to run the account named Dyeingo.o.

@dyeing0.0 #swim #cute #Beauty #Sexy #foryoupage ♬ 勝たんしか症候群 - Takayan

Dyeingo.o Real Name And Face Identity Revealed

One of the models from Dyeingo.o goes by the name of Echo Yue. She is identified as a fashion model.

The names of other models are not disclosed as of now.

Similarly, the real name of the admin is not known as well so it is fair to say that we can simply call the admin as Dyeingo.o.

Furthermore, all the models are female.