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Who Is Drew Lynch Dating Girlfriend 2019? Comedian Drew Lynch is dating a girl named Melanie Sergiev at present in 2019. This relationship began getting noticed due to Drew’s Instagram posts.

Previously, while Drew was part of ‘America’s Got Talent’, he was dating a different girl. After several years together, the pair’s relationship came to an end.

Find Drew Lynch’s Height and his Net Worth Growth Rate

Drew Lynch, 27, has an average height of 5 feet 5 inches. He is a handsome bloke with a weight of 75 kg or 165 pounds. He has blue eyes and light brown eyes.

Drew Lynch Net Worth Growth Rate


According to Naibuzz, Drew Lynch has a net worth of $80 Thousand Dollars as of 2019.

With several years in the comedy field now, Drew has been making an adequate sum of money through his career. After gaining the well-deserved popularity after his appearance in the popular reality show ‘America’s Got Talent’, Drew Lynch has since then become a successful stand-up comic and his net worth is growing at an exceptional rate daily.

Drew Lynch’s Extraordinary America’s Got Talent Appearance and his YouTube Channel

In the 10th season of ‘America’s Got Talent’ in which Drew appeared in, he was placed in the second position. He finished behind another comedian Paul Zerdin on the show.

In the show, Drew revealed that he suffered an injury while playing softball. This was when he was 23 years old. After getting impressed by the charm that Drew possessed, one of the judges of the show, Howie Mandel gave him the golden buzzer which meant that he could directly reach the Quarterfinals of the show which took place in Radio City Music Hall.

After performing in the first week of the Quarterfinals as well as semifinals, Drew was voted by the public to appear in the final. With support from the fans around the globe, Drew was successful in getting his name in the Top 5 acts of that season of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ However, he was unable to win the competition and was placed behind Paul Zerdin in the second position. Paul, who won the competition is a famous ventriloquist and a comedian.

Drew was able to win the heart of the judges as well as millions of people worldwide for his ability to tell jokes. Although he stuttered because of a sports injury, this did not stop him from doing what he loved doing-making people laugh.

Fans, as well as the judges, believed that he was a source of inspiration for all the other contestants as well as the millions of people watching from home. After having a successful season in ‘America’s Got Talent’, Drew continued his journey of comedy and started his own YouTube channel.

While performing on the stage, Drew is not alone. He often appears alongside his dog, Stella. Stella is six years old and is a service dog. In his YouTube videos, Drew often captions comments above Stella’s head for comedic effects.

Drew’s YouTube channel’s subscribers count has reached more than 1.5 Million at present. He also posts his ‘Dog Vlog’ every Monday and Thursday. Viewers have always admired his comedic timing and his self-deprecation style of comedy.

Drew’s comedy skills have taken also him into the television world. He often appears in the ‘Therapy Dog’ show which is a flash animation series. The show features him together with his dog. He portrays the character of Andy on the show and his dog appears as a therapist.