Who Is Dr Kanodia Amla? Find His Wife, Children, Net Worth, Products

Who Is Dr Kanodia Amla? Find His Wife, Children, Net Worth, Products

Dr. Raj Kanodia going by name Dr. Kanodia Amla is an American plastic surgeon. Moreover, he is famous for rhinoplasty, a scarless plastic surgery.

The doctor has quite a fame after treating many of his patients at Hollywood. Moreover, he has recently hit the web after introducing herbal amla in his products.

Who Is Dr Kanodia Amla? Find His Wife, Children, Net Worth, ProductsHe has built his empire as one of the leading surgeons in Hollywood. Here’s all you need to know about his wife, children, net worth and products.

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Who is Dr. Kanodia Amla?

Dr. Kanodia Amla doesn’t have his official Wikipedia page. Nonetheless, the surgeon is famous among the Hollywood stars as their only choice for surgeries.

There is no public information available regarding his date of birth. Moreover, he has not revealed much about his childhood days and experiences.

He attended medical school although the detail of that information is also not available. Nonetheless, he described his learning experience in an interview with evolution magazine.

He told that his professor Dr. Medney Tardy was his master for skills. Likewise, he also did a fellowship with Dr. Parks during the tenure.

Dr. Kanodia Amla has 34 years of experience as a surgeon. He likes to describe himself as a beauty enhancer and has been a fan of naturality of the things.

Well, he has performed over 7,000 nose enhancements which is his field of expertise. Likewise, he injects around 60 patients a week. He also expressed that he performs a minimum of 2 surgeries each week.

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Moreover, he has his own field growing natural flowers, fruits, and vegetables. On the contrary, he also has established himself through his amla products.

Who are his wife and children?

Despite his fame as ‘The King of Hollywood Nosejob’, he has maintained secrecy regarding his private and personal life, that includes his family and children.

Dr. Raj Knodia is American-Indian by ethnicity but information about his wife is not available and neither is his children if he has any.

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What is his net worth?

Dr. Amla has established his name and has Hollywood stars as his patients. He has a minimum of 2 appointments for surgery every week and these appointments are not from any ordinary people.

Nonetheless, he has his own brand as Dr. Kanodia Amla which is concerned with herbal products and antioxidant for skin care. Moreover, he did try to dirty his hand with real estate business as well.

When comparing AMLA to other antioxidants like açaí fruit or blueberries, there really is no comparison. The antioxidant…

Posted by Dr. Raj Kanodia Plastic Surgery on Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dr. Kanodia Amla spent around $70 million to build a mansion Bel Air for sale in LA. Moreover, he listed the property for sale back in 2018 but it’s been a year and not even a single soul are considering buying it.

Due to his exemplary working skills and image as one of the best surgeon in Hollywood, he does maintain good economic status.

As of 2019, Dr. Kanodia Amlas’s net worth is approximately $2 million.

What are Dr. Kanodia Amla products?

Dr. Kanodia Amla has been busy utilizing the herbal medicine Amla for his products which consumers are loving. He has multiple products on his official website and every one of them features Amla. Here’s the list of those products.

  • Cream for Moisturizing and Nourishing ($80.00)
  • Relaxation Oil ($80.00)
  • Amla Peptide Serum ($90.00)