Who Is Dr Isaac Herschkopf? Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Dead

Who Is Dr Isaac Herschkopf? Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Dead

Doctors are a life savior. But are all the doctors same? We have learned and seen most of the doctors doing very criminal activities to their patients. Some doctors have become the worst nightmare for many patients and their family. You must have already guessed that the doctor we will be talking in this article is a bad one. Indeed he is. His name is Dr. Isaac Herschkopf.

To know about Dr. Isaac Herschkopf and the things he has done go through this article.

Who is Dr. Isaac Herschkopf?

Dr. Isaac is a psychiatrist from New York. He got his medical degree from the NYU School of Medicine in the year 1975. And he has been practicing as the psychiatrist for more than 41 years. In addition, he also specializes in Neurology. So, this is a brief introduction to him. Many details about him are still not revealed yet.

Dr. Isaac Herschkopf Wikipedia

Wiki page of Dr. Isaac Herschkopf is not available. Despite not having a wiki page we have collected some information about him that might interest you.

So, why is he in the media all of a sudden? There must be a reason. Let me tell you about it.

According to the new Podcast of “The Shrink next Door”, Dr. Isaac used his knowledge to influence and to gain control over his one of the patients. He made his patient to tell his bank account. He also hijacked his patient’s Hampton’s home and even made his patient write his family into their wills. Oh God! Isn’t that vicious? How can you ever trust a doctor when you hear such news? People are so made in making money that they don’t care about reputation and self-respect.


According to sources, the patient is Marty Markowitz and he is 77 years old. Marty is the millionaire CEO of a fabric company. He said ”I felt like I was in a cult. He took over my life very quickly…It was one ethical violation after another ”.

In addition, there is a lot about this case. If you want to know then follow the podcast.

Dr. Isaac Herschkopf’s Wife

The details about Dr. Isaac Herschkopf wife is not revealed in the media yet. But according to sources, somehow his wife is also associated with the case. The sources can be wrong because the details are on transparent yet.

Dr. Isaac Herschkopf’s Net Worth

There is no information regarding the details of Dr. Isaac net worth. However, we can say that he might have made a good amount of fortune. Moreover, considering his savings and years of work he must of a huge load of money.

Age, Birthday

The actual age of Dr. Isaac Herschkopf is not available. However, according to some sources he is 65 and according to some he is 69. So, I guess he is in his late sixties.

Is Dr. Isaac Herschkopf Dead?

Dr. Isaac Herschkopf is alive.