Who is Devon B? Hazel E Model Boyfriend – Net Worth, Age, Family, Height

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Devon B

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Devon B is the boyfriend of Hazel E. And, he has been in a relationship with her for some time. In the same way, he is mostly famous because of his dating life.

After all, his girlfriend is famous Hazel E who wears many hats. She is a reality show star and rapper as well.

In the same way, the VH1 show she featured in was Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Likewise, she has worked as a publicist for major talent too.

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And, this is why Devon B has been able to catch the attention of many people. Since it is a big deal to be dating such a famous personality such as Hazel E.

Who is Devon B?

Devon B is the new lover of Hazel E. And, he is a published model. In the same way, his full name is Devon Burton. Likewise, he is a new yorker.

Hence, there is no doubt about how great he looks. Here is a little picture of him to let you know just how good-looking he is.

So, now that you have seen him, you might have gotten a hint why Hazel E is with him. I mean, who would not be with such a great looking guy!

However, it is not just “looks” that matter. And, who knows, maybe Devon has a heart as good as he seems.

Devon B Net Worth: Hazel has $400 Thousand Dollars

Devon B has been hitting the spotlight after his relationship with Hazel E. So, it only makes sense that people want to know more about him. Likewise, what seems to interest people is Devon’s net worth.

Hence, they want to know how much he has earned as of yet. And, how much his annual earnings amount to. Unluckily, there is no info about it.

Nonetheless, what we know is that his primary source of income comes from modeling.

Devon B Age: Her girlfriend is 39 years old in 2019

Most people are also interested to find out Devon’s age. And, they are guessing if he is younger than Hazel. After all, she has had dated a few younger guys before Devon as well.

However, we do not know about his age. From his photos, he looks quite young. If you do not believe me, see for yourself. But, there is no proper info about it.

Devon B’s Family

Devon B’s family has a private life. So, his family members are not known to anyone. However, he has a mother named Kimberly.

And, from the Instagram posts he has dedicated to his mother, they seem to share a beautiful bond. In the same way, here is a short video of him and his mom to melt your heart.

Isn’t that cute? He definitely looks like a mama’s boy. And, this just makes him even more attractive.

However, there are no posts about his dad and other family members.

Devon B Height

Devon B’s height is something most people seem to be interested in. And, also because he is a model, they want to know how tall he is.

Unfortunately, there is no exact information on his height. However, he looks a bit taller than Hazel E.

And, Hazel is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. So, Devon might be around 5 feet and 8 inches tall. But, that is just a wild guess.