Who Is Destiny Gutierrez? Destiny Gutierrez Age, Height, Instagram & Boyfriend

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Who Is Destiny Gutierrez? Destiny Gutierrez Age, Height, Instagram & Boyfriend

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Destiny Gutierrez is a 17-year-old youtube personality. She is popular for her own channel on YouTube. She shares about her make-up techniques in her YouTube videos.

Also, we can find videos of her hair transformation as well as beauty routines on her channel.

Destiny Gutierrez is a teenager.

17-year-old Destiny Gutierrez is from the United States. She was born on January 20, 2002.

Destiny Gutierrez: Height

Although no details are available yet to tell about her bodily features, we can assume from her pictures and videos that she must have an average height.

Destiny Gutierrez stands as tall as 5 feet 4 inches in height, as seen in the pictures. She has a healthy body that is neither underweight nor overweight.

Destiny Gutierrez’s on Instagram

Well, who does not love Instagram in this generation??? Like every other teen, Destiny is also an Instagram user.

But surprisingly, she has not posted more than there pictures. Her Instagram recently reached to more than 40,000 followers.

And, she posted about this in one of her Instagram stories.

Who is Destiny Gutierrez’s Boyfriend?

As she has not shared more about her personal life, we don’t know is Destiny Guiterrez is single or dating.

Having said that, one of her fan pages posted a photo of her with a guy a few months ago. The photo was edited and it looked like they were a couple from the picture.

Moreover, she also commented on the picture with an “AWW” followed by a heart Sign.

The guy in the picture, supposedly Destiny Gutierrez’s boyfriend is Alex Adame who is still in school.

He also has his own Youtube channel. They have not come together for the videos yet. Also, we cannot find photos of them together on Instagram.

Family of Destiny

Destiny has not disclosed anything about her parents as of now. Nonetheless, she has a younger sister named Natalie Gutierrez. Natalie also owns a YouTube Channel and is on Instagram.

The sisters have come together for some of Destiny’s videos. One of the videos has crossed more than 249 views. In that video, she is seen transforming her sister into herself through the makeup.

Destiny’s Youtube Popularity

With more than 154,000 subscribers on YouTube, she is on the way to gain popularity. She started her channel on YouTube in late 2018.

And now has 17 beauty vlogs on YouTube.  One of her earliest posts to gain popularity is “ My Eyebrow Tutorial” 2018, which she posted 8 months ago.


Furthermore, a few of her other videos have more than 100,000 views. One of her most popular videos is “my morning routine as a sophomore”.

With 60,000 subscribers on 2018 December 18, she gradually gained more subscribers by 2019 on January 13. After 2019 March 01, the number of subscribers reached to more than 100,000.