Who is David Tepper Girlfriend Nicole Bronish? New Wife, Net Worth

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Who is David Tepper Girlfriend Nicole Bronish? New Wife, Net Worth

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David Tepper is an American billionaire businessman and hedge fund manager. Additionally, he is also a philanthropist on his own rights. David is the current owner of the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League.

Love for sports, it’s common among billionaires.

Besides sports, do you know what’s common among billionaires? Women, yes. Not all are into this, but most of the billionaires in the world have a number of relationships.

Along with luxurious life, sophisticated expenditures, they highly seem to enjoy the company of lovely girls. Regardless of their age, we have witnessed several billionaires who have a taste for young and lovely ladies.

And David Tepper is no exception. Married to Marlene Resnick Tepper for several years, Tepper is reportedly dating a new lady named Nicole Bronish. So, what’s the inside story of Tepper and Nicole’s reported relationship.

Continue with the article to find out more about the multi-billionaire.

David Tepper Girlfriend Nicole Bronish: Will she be his New Wife?

American multi-billionaire David Tepper is recently a hot topic on media outlets. This time around he got the media babbling about his personal life and affairs.

The money spinner is allegedly in a relationship with a new girlfriend named Nicole Bronish.

While it’s still unclear when the rumors came to play about Tepper and Nicole, there are a few pictures of them to claim their togetherness.

Well, besides pictures, there aren’t any details about Tepper’s alleged girlfriend Nicole on the web.

How old is Nicole Bronish? Where is she from? The details aren’t public so far.

Ex-Wife? David Tepper and Marlene Resnick Tepper

Marlene Resnick Tepper is the ex-wife of billionaire David Tepper. He married Marlene in 1986 and they were together until 2014. In nearly three decades of their marriage, David and Marlene welcomed three children together.

Their first child, Brian was born on 18 July 1987. He studied at Livingston High School. Brain graduated from Full Sail-World Education in 2009.

Their second child, a daughter named Randi was born on 9 May 1989. She holds a B.S. in political science. Randi graduated from Emory University and earned her Master’s degree from Relay Graduate School of Education.

Moving on, their third child, a daughter named Casey was born on April 14, 1992. Casey is a graphic designer. She attended the School of Visual Arts. Subsequently, she earned her Bachelor’s degree from Union College.

How Much is David Tepper’s Net Worth?

David Tepper is one of the reputed faces in American business society. The multi-billionaire has a net worth of $11.4 billion. Meanwhile, the data is from 2017. The exact figure of his net worth in 2019 isn’t published yet.

Alongside a hefty net worth comes a heavy tax amount. In fact, in 2012, Institutional Investor’s Alpha ranked him as the world’s highest taxpayer for a hedge fund manager with $2.2 billion. Well, his company is worth around $20 billion.

Likewise, he is the highest taxpayers in his hometown in New York City.

In 2018, Forbes ranked him at No. 3 in the list of The Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers with an annual income of $1.5 billion.

In addition to heavy earnings, David also has several expensive outputs. For instance, he bought the Panthers for a whopping $2.2 billion.

Back on March 9, 2003, David donated $55 million to Carnegie Mellon University.

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