Who Is Claudia Sulewski Boyfriend? Claudia Sulewski Net Worth & Finneas Eilish Girlfriend

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Who Is Claudia Sulewski Boyfriend? Claudia Sulewski Net Worth & Finneas Eilish Girlfriend

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One of the undeniable impacts of the internet on the day to day life is social media. There are multiple social media platforms where one can share their ideas. While Facebook has been losing its charm as of late, YouTube- the video-sharing platform has only been increasing in popularity.

YouTube has been a lucrative base not only to share ideas but also to make fortune. There are a number of YouTube celebrities at present. Among the wide range of YouTube stars present on the platform, Claudia Sulewski is a common name.

Claudia posted her first video on YouTube on the 22nd of July 2010. She has been growing in size since then. Currently, she has close to 2 Million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

In addition, she also has a vlog channel with over 700 thousand subscribers.

Who Is Claudia Sulewski Boyfriend?

Claudia Sulewski is currently in a relationship with actor boyfriend Finneas O’Connell. They began dating since 2018. The relationship is a serious one according to various reports.

Finneas is a popular American singer and actor. He is the brother of another popular American singer Billie Eilish.

Finneas has released multiple singles so far in his career. He released the single “Claudia” after the first night the two met.

This is not Claudia’s first relationship. She previously dated YouTuber Jonah Green. In addition, she was also in a relationship with popular songwriter and actor Steffan Argus.

Net Worth ($1.8 Million)

Claudia Sulewski has a net worth of $1.8 Million. She has been making an impressive sum of money through her YouTube channel. Additionally, she is also very popular on Instagram. She has been part of multiple brand deals over the years.

YouTubers today make adequate earnings by posting videos on the platform. The advertisement on their videos helps them earn money.

Moreover, she has also done various brand endorsement video so far which has paid her well.

Claudia Sulewski – Finneas Eilish’s Girlfriend

Most people who follow Finneas Eilish will recognize Claudia Sulewski as his girlfriend. Although not as famous as his sister Billie, Finneas is a popular singer in his own rights. He has also appeared on the musical series Glee.

Claudia has shared pictures of her boyfriend Finneas on her Instagram account several times. The pair are in a serious relationship judging by the photos that they have shared.

The pair have been together for more than a year now. They attended the Coachella together recently.

Interesting Facts

Claudia Sulewski was born in Chicago and celebrated her birthday on February 19. Moreover, the 23-year old also has a brother.

Claudia learned about YouTube when she was attending high school. She posted her first video on 22nd of July 2010.

Additionally, she has also served as an anchor of the teen vogue channel. She has also hosted multiple programs over the years.

Claudia has more than a million followers on her Instagram account. She has over 300 thousand followers on her Twitter. In addition, over 100 thousand fans follow her on Facebook.

Claudia often posts makeup tutorials and vlogs on her YouTube channel. She has attended various beauty programs over the years.

Her YouTube channel was hacked in 2010. She was able to recover the channel later.

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