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Who Is Bushwick Bill Wife? Bushwick Bill Age, Height, Son and Net Worth
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Who Is Bushwick Bill’s Wife? Bushwick Bill is on the media headlines at the recent time. Several reports have suggested that he died recently. This news, however, is false as Bill’s publicist and son have confirmed that he is alive at present.

Although alive, Bill’s health is not in good condition. Previously, he revealed that he was battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Additionally, he is currently in ill-health and is fighting cancer.

There have been a lot of questions regarding who is Bushwick Bill’s wife. According to various sites, Bill is not married to anyone. He has been in multiple relationships in the past.

His ex-girlfriend made the news in 1991. Bill reportedly shot himself in his eye due to an argument with his girlfriend.

He was under the influence of PCP and Everclear grain alcohol. In addition, he lost his right eye due to the action.

Fans believe that at present, Bushwick Bill is single. Moreover, he is fighting for his life due to his recent cancer diagnosis.

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Bushwick Bill Age, His Childhood Days

Bushwick Bill is 52 years of age. His hometown is Kingston, Jamaica. In addition, he was born on December 8, 1966.

Bill’s real name is Richard Stephen Shaw. His mother worked as a maid and his father served as a merchant marine.

Bushwick Bill Height (3 Feet 8 Inches)


Bushwick Bill was born with dwarfism and his height is 3 feet 8 inches.

His height has not stopped Bill in pursuing music as his profession. Despite his short height, he is one of the most successful rappers of the current time.

Bushwick Bill’s Son, Children

After there were several reports suggesting that he was dead, Bushwick Bill’s son refuted the reports. He revealed through Instagram that Bill is battling cancer at this stage.

Additionally, Bill has four children through his multiple relationships. His one son Javon Boutte has appeared in the TV series documentary ‘Unsung.’

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Bushwick Bill’s Net Worth ($ 1.5 Million)

According to, Bushwick Bill has a net worth of $ 1.5 Million. He has released multiple albums so far. This has probably helped him amass regular earnings.

Furthermore, he is currently signed with the Rap-a-Lot label.

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Bushwick Bill’s Short Bio

Fans regard Bushwick Bill as a legend in the American rap music scene. Over the years, he has been a popular face through the Texas hip hop group ‘Geto Boys.’

At the beginning of his career, Bill joined the group as a dancer. He has since then moved on to rap and has been successful in his career choice so far.

The group Geto Boys also have other popular musical artists Willie D and Scarface. In 1988, the group’s debut album ‘Making Trouble’ featured Bill.

The group’s first album was a disaster. Fans and critics slated the group’s first project. After Scarface and Willie Dee joined the group later, the group came out stronger.

Since then, they have released several other albums. Some of their albums are ‘Gutta Mixx’, ‘Universal Small Souljah’, ‘No Surrender…No Retreat’, and ‘Phantom of the Rapra.’

The group’s latest album is ‘My Testimony of Redemption.’ The group released the album on March 25, 2010.

Bill has been part of multiple controversies in his career. Moreover, authorities arrested him on May 2010 for possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana.

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