Who is Brittany Zamora Husband? Age, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Married Life

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What are your opinions towards teachers? In my point of view, they are everything like our parents. They teach us and make us able to find the difference between right and wrong like parents. True. Isn’t it?

But, what if the teacher himself/herself is bad? What if they misbehave with their own students? You must be wondering why I am saying all these. These questions are very important to make you know about the person in this article. The person in this article is the teacher herself. Her name is Brittany Zamora.

She was arrested for sexual misconduct with her student, 13-year-old boy.

If you want to know about Brittany then please the content written below.

Who is Brittany Zamora Husband?

Brittany Zamora’s husband name is Daniel Zamora. The more details about her husband are not available. Actually, the principal of the school told about her relationship status and the name of her husband.

Brittany Zamora Age (28 years)

Brittany Zamora was born in the year 1991. She is 28 years old as of 2019. Her birthplace is Arizona, USA. The details of her parents are not available. But, we do know that she is of White Caucasian descent and is Christain.


Wikipedia of Brittany Zamora is not available. However, we have collected some pieces of information about her that might interest you.

Brittany is a teacher by profession. She teaches to the students of sixth grade in the Las Brisas Academy Elementary School in the Arizona United States.

As mentioned earlier, she is accused of sexually harassing her 13-year-old student. According to information on the internet, she performed oral sex with the boy in her house and car. She was arrested by the police on 22nd March 2018. She was sent to the jail in 4th Avenue for her crime.

For your information, she harassed the boy for more than 20 times.

Furthermore, her husband told the parents of the victim not to file the case. But, it was very necessary to file the case.

Initially, she started flirting with the boy through text message and the boy also used to text her back. Some sources said that the boy and Brittany had met multiple times for sexual encounters. But, after the boy’s parents started noticing, they hired detectives for the case.

Moreover, different news websites have also posted about her misconduct.

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Net worth

The detail of Brittany Zamora net worth is not available. However, we can assume that she might have the earnings the same as the normal teacher teaching in the 6th grade.

Her Married Life

As mentioned earlier, the relationship status of Brittany Zamora is married. Moreover, she married her husband in the year 2015.

Height and Body Measurement

Brittany Zamora stands about 5 feet and 4 inches. It’s about 163 cm. She has a weight of about 60 kilograms. Furthermore, she has brown colored eye and blonde hair.