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Who Is Brandon Arreaga's Girlfriend? Dating, Parents, Net Worth
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Who Is Brandon Arreaga’s Girlfriend? Dating, Parents, Net Worth. Brandon Arreaga gf, Age, Height, Father, Mother, Wikipedia, Sister and More.

Brandon Arreaga is an American music producer. Moreover, he is a musician, dancer, actor, and singer.

He came into the spotlight in 2016 as a member of ‘Prettymuch‘. It is the band of 5 members formed by legendary television producer and judge Simon Cowell.

Arreaga is someone who has experienced ups and downs to built up his career. At a very young age of 19, he has already tasted what success feels like.

Despite his career, he has a sweet personal life aside. He has a lovely girlfriend, caring parents, and his family.

Here, you will know all the details on his dating life, family and parents.

Who is Brandon Arreaga dating? His girlfriend

Brandon Arreaga is a 19 years old musician and a producer. Everybody reckons he has a sound romantic life considering his image.

As a matter of fact, he does. A charming personality with a lovely voice. On top of that, he could play with musical instruments.

Similarly, he has been able to mix up his passion for music with business. Who would not chase such a successful person?

In fact, almost every single soul could fall for that. However, the lucky lady is Maggie Lindemann, a popular singer.

We might remember her for her debut album ‘Pretty Girl’ which sneaked into the top 10 list in many countries.

Apart from that, ‘Knocking on Your Heart’, ‘Would I’, ‘Friends Go’ were the other notable ones. The most interesting fact is that Lindemann is bisexual and has opened about it.

Prior to her, Brandon Arreaga dated girlfriend Charlotte Dean according to famous birthdays. Whatever the past held, the couple is enjoying each other’s company.

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The fans and followers have high hopes for the couples being together for a long time. They match each other professionally.

Likewise, she is 21 and almost similar to his age. They can take their relationship to the next level very soon.

Brandon Arreaga is the youngest son of Gina and Chris – his parents


The talent and skills may be developed but the support comes from the family. Similarly, Brandon Arreaga is also thankful for his family.

He had an eye for the music and performances since his childhood days. So,  the local boy from Dallas, Texas started playing piano in first grade.

Born on December 14, 1999, the 19-year-old producer remembers his journey from his childhood. Apparently, he went to Hawk Elementary, Corinth.

However, to pursue his acting career, he dropped out. That didn’t work. Soo, he rejoined a public school and this time he dropped out at eighth grade.

He was 12 then and his parents Gina Arreaga and Chris Arreaga motivated him to follow his dream. Then, he built a recording studio at home.

No parents would allow a 12-year-old to build a recording studio. However, his parents always supported him. His elder sister Halie was also an inspiration for his music career.

He then started a business by charging the local artist to record there.

His net worth in 2019

As of 2019, Brandon Arreaga’s net worth is $3 million according to The amount makes sense considering his career so far.

At just 19, he is making millions. Just assume his net worth in the years t come. No doubt, the amount will reach a peak.